Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cape Crew

Now I have two sets done.

One set that's knitted and one set that is crocheted.

The hat for the crochet cape took one hour to make. It was soo easy and it's soo cute with shell designs.
They both have matching crochet flowers to go with them.

The knitted set is much warmer since the holes are smaller.
Its supposed to be good for up to 4 year olds.

I still have thread left over from the big roll to make another hat if I want to but I think I have done enough lol

My son is upset cause he says I make things no one wears so he wants a cape.
I told him I only have pink thread and he said he didn't care. He will wear it. lol
I find ponchos or capes extremely comfortable for weather that requires layering.
BC has that type of climate. You can wear a jacket and slip it over and the warmth is amazing.
And if it's raining well , a cape is good because it will take a while to soak through.

Well when my son has a daughter some day, She will have her Grammas stuff to wear. By then I will probably not be in any condition to do these things, knowing him.....if he gets any children that is. One never knows what lies ahead in life.

In the mean time, from Lions brand, I found a very nice mens' cape pattern but I need the longer circular needles for it because it has a lot of stitching on it. Its easier to make things for little ones because the work is done quicker and it costs less and I already had the needles. I used six of them to make the seamless circle.
I will have to rummage through the colors I have and see if I can design something for him.

It will NOT be pink lol

Today I have curry chicken marinated overnightfor supper and this morning I put lamb to marinate in curry overnight for tomorrow, with yogurt and garlic.
Curry is supposed to be good for you.
We used to eat such good curry lamb at this restaurant and I have yet to find out how they did it.
It was so popular that they would always run out. Then they changed the chef and we could not get it for a while.
Once we asked if they had it and they said yes but when we received it, it looked funny. We analyzed the meat and saw that they collected leftovers from other peoples plates and gave it to us to eat. lol
That's just as bad as the meat glue they put into meat today.
Needless to say, we never went back.

Today people get sick and no one knows why.
Well, here are two possible reasons.
Have a great Thursday every one.


Akelamalu said...

Ooooh that tale about the restaraunt collecting leftovers and making them into a curry is just gross! No wonder you never went back.

Love the capes and bonnets. :)

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - This happens more often than you think.

George said...

Remind me not to order curry when we go out to eat.
I'm glad you're not making a pink cape for your son.

A Lady's Life said...

George lol
He'd wear it . These young guys are different. They like to make fun.
My Son is a monkey sign so his group fit being comedians. lol