Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Parenting Skills

BABY DISCIPLINE - watch more funny videos

This video was enjoyable lol

Today I looked through my recipes.
I made soup with cous cous meat balls, potatoes and veggies. The bouillon came out delicious and with a side of basmati rice my fellas enjoyed it .
I used to buy parboiled rice but now changed to basmati cause it smells so nice and is so easy to cook
I love it.

I also made crepes with a
wonderful recipe which did not make them stick to the pan
What a pleasure to cook when they behave. in the pan.

I stuffed the crepes with a meat and rice filling ( we are not fasting like we're supposed to)
fried them a bit and ate them with sour creme.

Yesterday my sisterinlaw taught me how to make canneloni from scratch
So I made the rectangles required and then the ricotta spinach with mozzarella filling

I rolled the filling into the the rectangles and covered them with a tomato sauce , also made from scratch to bake
They turned out delicious and I think she is right. Once you do it this way
you will never go back to store bought lazagna or cannelloni noodles. or even egg noodles.

Home made is the best .

The evening ended with Jesus in the Best Story Ever told Part one.
on the vision channel .
You have to admit, whether you believe or not, it is the best story ever told.
Its a part of history which tells of how man was inhuman to man and why
a person such as Jesus was needed to bring hope to the forlorn.

He made people feel they didn't have to feel bad not having anything and that the world,
the planet provided everything man needs

If you go into nature, you find these words to be true.
You can make shoes out of tree bark, clothing out of animal leather and skins.
you can find roots, berries, fish, fruit, medicine.

Everything is provided for you and yet man kind is not happy and mass produces food and people over pay to eat chemicals rather than fresh from the ground.

I made the sandwiches for my husband to take to work and prepared the coffee pot to just be turned on in the morning, so I guess my day is done.

Good Night and sleep tight and watch out for them bed bugs lol



Cat said...

This totally reminds me...I need to look through my recipes and start cooking again! :)

xx Cat brideblu

A Lady's Life said...

Cat - so true I totally am out of cooking but looking at them gives me inspiration to begin again. lol

SandyCarlson said...

It's great to get an Internet connection for a few minutes and to read your post. You are great!

A Lady's Life said...

Welcome Sandy :) I try to find some funny things lol

Mama Zen said...

Those crepes sound yummy!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Mam Zen I love crepes but you have to have the right recipe otherwise you begin to fight with the pan and this I don't like
I finally found what I like in terms of recipes so I might make them more often to indulge the sweet tooth and eat it with syrup honey or hot chocolate.