Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Delight

This was a cake my husband couldn't resist buying this week end.
It was delicious but full of calories 450 calories is enough for a whole day.
Only thing you can add to that is a few green beans lol
But who cares. Its not everyday we get to place our piggies into whipped creme
and licking them off with anticipation of what else is to come .
I mean would anyone use a napkin to do this?
Not me anyway.

My sisterinlaw lives by her Ferero Rocher Cakes and I can see why because the ingredients put into them are beyond wonderful.
I am dying to try making one now and this is not a good idea lol

Our Canucks lost yesterday 4-3 and we knew they would when Schneider left the goal and wasn't ready for a quick puck.Then he got hurt. No one is sure how or why and then
Louongo also made a mistake and it cost us.However the refs were also not obeying rules and breaking them to give the US every chance to win. We made the winning goal they did not count. They saw it going in and blew the whistle.

One more game left now and it will be for all or nothing.
It is no wonder these two teams hate each other. The Chicago goalie, Crawford, is fantastic.
He did so much for the Hawks and it is because of him they are doing so well.

Happy Monday everyone!!

I hope we win . GO CANUCKS GO!


SandyCarlson said...

Sometimes it's just good to enjoy! Looks yummy.

A Lady's Life said...

It is Sandy mmmmmmm!!!

Akelamalu said...

A little bit of what you fancy now and again does you good! ;)

A Lady's Life said...

Akalamalu - so

Fifi Flowers said...


A Lady's Life said...

Fifi I guess its is much easier lol