Sunday, April 17, 2011

Perfect World of Wonder

Can you imagine living in the sky or under water or on top of a mountain or tree?
What a life it would be!

No wonder the gods found places to live from where they could see far and wide.
and know ahead of time what was coming their way.
They had an unfair advantage over mankind which earned them respect and honor and fear.

But it is not easy to be a god, for it is not just knowledge and power which makes them who they are but their ability to also make wise and just judgement decisions.
Their ability to see the consequences of their decisions in how they will affect the future.

Todays laws do not care about the consequences of judgement decisions.
They do not care if they set a man free to continue to do damage unto himself and/or others.
They do not care to reeducate a person so he can see the light and become a better human being.

We strive towards perfection and it is taught us that perfection is unobtainable.
It is taught us perfection causes more harm than good because then we cannot relate to an imperfect society consisting of imperfect people.
And yet when it comes to disease and cures, we seek perfection in order to survive because survival is our utmost desire in life.
People want to live and to love and to see and feel and touch and yes, even to suffer in order to be able to have those things.
Unobtainable things, because we reject perfection.

It takes a perfect man to develop perfection.
It takes order and discipline and intelligence to arrive at good sound judgement decisions.
It takes a person with a vision for the future to develop the ideas today.
And who among us is intelligent and perfect enough to take on this huge responsibility?

Many step up to try.
We have leaders who want to lead and are paid good salaries to do so but the people continue to suffer because perfection is lacking in decision making principles.
Much can be said for and against perfection but one thing for sure, immortality
requires perfection, vision, and sound judgement decision .

Since man is imperfect,
no man on earth is immortal
and so we look up into the sky,
searching for the immortal eye of God, while living in a
Perfect World of Wonder.

Happy Sunday Everyone!!


George said...

Thanks for a very thought-provoking post.

A Lady's Life said...

Welcome George.