Tuesday, April 26, 2011



A Montreal win against Boston in game 6

THE CANUCKS won their series against the Stanley Cup Champion
The Chicago Black Hawks.

Vancouver streets were empty as every one was either glued to their TV sets or at the stadium cheering our team on, almost in tears, to see our game tied the last few minutes and going into overtime.

Canadian, Cory Crawford, The Hawk Goalie, was incredible!!!

He denied shot after shot but fell short after an Alexander Burrows snipe early in overtime.

Our team looked pretty bashed up at start up. Full of black eyes and stitches, they continued to battle against, not just a team but one of the best teams they could ask, to compete against, keeping fans on both sides, gripped by near miss heart attacks.

Some one had to win and I am sure glad it was us this time.:)


We are very proud of you!!!


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

GM - Just stopping by to wish you a very happy day. By the sounds of this post, I'm sure it will be.

love and hugs

Gattina said...

I am very bad and not interested in all these games, I don't even know what the Canuck is, lol !

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Butterfly!

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - The Canucks are the Vancouver Hockey team and the reason everyone is so hyped up is because when it comes to hockey, Canada IS all about Hockey which is equivalent to Europe's soccer.In the past it was always Quebec and Montreal's Les Canadiens which was the strongest team and here is the west coming up strong and of course the US is one of our biggest competitor.Russia comes in pretty strong as well.
This is a time to unite the people, to be proud of the young men representing us and our country so I think it's a good thing.
We have Daniel and Henrick Sadin playing for us. They are twins from Sweden on the same team, which makes it interesting as well.

My son is in soccer and we are trying to build this sport up as well . We finally are going to get a new stadium for it but it's not as big as hockey yet and who knows, maybe one day we will play your grand child and then you will be interested as well lol
Thats how I got sucked in.lol

George said...

What a great win for the Canucks. However, since we live not too far from Nashville, I hope the Predators do better than the Black Hawks did.

A Lady's Life said...

George I was just thinking about you lol
Nashville is a pretty strong team as well. Now that the series is over, we can begin again but I don't think we are arch enemies with Nashville as we apparently were with the Hawkes.
I don't know why these two teams hated each other so.
Anyway, Nashville will probably beat us but at least we won the Hawkes series :)