Thursday, April 7, 2011


We all want a tolerant and free society to live in and yet with so many political problems world wide, we wonder if tolerance will ever be a word of the past instead of one that lurks and confronts us every day.

Let's face it. People are easily offended. We are separated by religions, ethnic groups, cultures, traditions, languages,values, jobs, education levels, genetic incapacities, politics etc....

The only thing we do have in common is that mankind suffers.
We suffer because of our feelings, resulting from all of the above differences.
To all this, we can add
love, hate, emotional and physical pain, stress which leads into automatic, stereotyped judging of people, before we even know them.
For example: We have the gay issue. We are asked if we are pro gay people.
Personally I have nothing for or against them.
Those who I have met I mostly like but like all people, we all have our inbuilt preferences, which has nothing to do with being gay or not gay.

Do I approve of gay marriage? In and of itself , I have nothing against it.

Do I approve gay marriage in church? No. Because you join an institution for the beliefs that it has and because we live in a free society, no one has the power to go inside this institution and force it to go against the established principles and beliefs which made it what it is.

Like most organizations, they disappear on their own once they become outdated.
For something to exist, means there have to be people who believe in it.
So if the gay issue demands respect they also require to show respect towards institutions
which demand certain beliefs and behavior.
To strong arm it into changing the beliefs, changes the organization into a farce and turns it into a circus show instead of the serious entity it was meant to be. It thus destroys the holy concept of marriage and defeats the purpose of why gay people want to marry in church to begin with. If gay people can attack a church and its principles on the grounds of intolerance the same could be said of gay people being intolerant to the beliefs of a church. So things cancel out in free societies.
This I believe also applies to muslim institutions today in general, excepting for the fact, they are in the midst of warring between themselves and the world, using terror.

Do I believe gay people should have children?
Well if it is their own children, then it goes without saying but I believe that once you become an adult, you have a responsibility towards new born innocence.

People have grades in life to pass as well as grades in school, to develop them into mature, self reliant, responsible, accountable adults.
If you skip certain portions of growth or if certain portions are intercepted, you end up missing a part of the whole person you are meant to be and therefore lost and needing to find yourself. Children were designed by nature, to generally be brought up with a male and female union.
The argument is that families can be different and this I agree with totally except that before, children grew up with friends, aunties, uncles, etc... but not a Daddy who is a Mommy and a Mommy who is a Daddy. These roles can't be changed and if they are changed, it presents the child to grow up with a lie . Children have enough confusing issues to deal with growing up without adding this to it.

So here, with the gay issue, we find intolerance from the gay and the straight side but it doesn't mean the gay and straight people reject each others way and means of being.

By rejecting certain people, we only hurt ourselves.
We hurt the development of our own personal growth and brain power. No one learns anything if doors are shut, and life becomes stifled, boring and dull.
We end up developing hate to anything and everything that's different from our comfort zone.This then leads into issues found in warring societies where trust and good decision making, seem to be lacking.

The thing about knowledge, understanding and difference, is that regardless of our beliefs, things always have a 50 - 50% chance of either working out or failing, for many reasons other than the obvious. There are things we can have control over and things we can't. lol

Understanding people and where they are coming from, is already half the battle won and then being understood yourself, is the other half. lol
Each one of us carries both halves.

Finding yourself accepting the 50-50% chances of thinking, seems to make the day go by rather pleasantly because there are no high expectations and therefore fewer disappointments.

In the end we have to consider that our purpose in life is survival. Everyone and everything wants to live and survive.
When faced with instances of global catastrophes, issues of tolerance vs intolerance fade away
and survival comes to the forefront.
If we began to think in terms of survival, as opposed to social differences between people, we would
have fewer problems in this world.:)

Guess what?

TGIF people! :)


George said...

It seems to me that too many people are easily offended now days. I think a big part of the problem is that people are viewed as members of a group rather than individuals.

A Lady's Life said...

So true George.
I guess this is where change should take place.

SandyCarlson said...

A little compassion goes a long way. Especially these days when people seem so fragile. Beautiful post.

A Lady's Life said...

so true sandy :)