Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rappin it with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

I found this video funny trying to modernize the forefathers.
So much going on these days.

We spent the whole night with
the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Their wedding was fabulous and it was
heart breaking to see the horrible
Camilla taking Diana's place when they went in to
sign the ledger at Westminster Abbey, Diana and the Queen married in.
Lots of atmosphere there as memories went back the Diana's funeral and hymns the couple chose to play.
Camilla was in charge of the music and choir I think, which was their way of including her in their day and her grand child was one of the flower girls.
They lined the walkway with green trees adding color and fresh air into
the elaborate wedding ceremony

I just hope the Queen continues to live a long and happy life
so this couple have a chance to be a normal family and Prince Charles too
old to rule and be replaced by his very popular son.

William did a lot to try to unite everyone this very special day.
The night before he went out to the loyal public who spent the night on the street
to be able to get a glimpse of him and his beautiful bride the next day.
They showered him with love and affection and good wishes as they did his Mother
Diana, Princes of Whales a long time ago.

I am sure he will return her, her rightful title, when he becomes king and she will again become a Princess as well as the Queen of peoples' hearts.
It was disclosed that Diana was a very lonely Princess and went out into the street every week to provide the homeless with clothes and food. The reporters felt this was an odd thing for her to do personally, had she had a busy family life with a loving husband.After doing her royal duties she would return home to an empty house devoid of children and servants and the reporters felt very sorry for her.They said the Prince took a beautiful, innocent girl, and knowingly, destroyed her and this alone makes it unfit for him to be king.

Harry was at first looking very overwhelmed but he took control and again became his usual happy self
as he took his job as best man seriously.He took care of the flower girls and boys helping Kates sister who is equally a beauty in her own right.
Wouldn't it be great if those two got together?

Being soccer oriented, we were so glad to see David Beckham and his Posh sitting there,along with Elton John.
Well time flies and the day is almost over so have to get moving
Have a good Friday everyone.


Diana said...

Hi Lady! Finally some time to stop by... Amazing video!!
Diana married in St. Paul's cathedral; but you're right: Camilla is horrible... ;)

Blogtrotter Two is still strolling in Amsterdam... Enjoy and have a superb weekend!!

Trotter said...
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Trotter said...

Sorry, my daughter came home and used this computer... ;)

A Lady's Life said...

Hi! Trotter Glad to see you still trottin lol