Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quality Time with Your Parents

Craft & a Cocktail: Texas Style! - watch more funny videos

I enjoyed this video as well.

Today is Thursday and we are preparing ourselves for Good Friday and the week end.
I have a whole menu planned but it has to be done last minute or my guys will eat everything before it hits the table lol

I have one 18 year old who is always hungry. Mom make me a steak. Mom I 'm hungry! You just ate a steak ..... Ya that was nothing.
Well wait for supper ....No I am hungry now..

Ya right. Waiting for the son to come home for a sit down meal is just as bad as having Dad come home and saying he isn't hungry and needs to unwind before supper.
So the boy eats and goes out with his friends and we are stuck alone eating later and then doing dishes ........later and kitchen cleaning ........later

Hello! lol
I can see why Moms go nuts at home trying to please every one except themselves. lol

So I am trying to sit and finish a sweater to have peace of mind.
I have been on the yoke for three days now doing and undoing it because I can't get the pattern to match,
I am rushing and
I am trying to make it larger so the fit is looser.
The other one I made said large but I swear it's a medium and it really kills to do all this work and then find out the sweater is smaller than you want it to be, especially when you buy pure wool but I do love the one piece yoke sweaters and they are not hard to make at all if you have the right pattern size to fit properly.
Otherwise it pays to fiddle and do some counting and hope it all works out in the end. lol

When the sweater washes, it can also shrink and my guys are just not the kind to be trusted enough to look ,and will put pure wool into the drier in spite of you telling them 100 times, sweaters are not washed in the washing machine nor dried in the drier. lol
So after working on my projects, I am a little stingy to give them because they are not valued as I would like them to be. But for special occasions I have them and I lend them for the day and they have to be given back after the day is over. lol

Well today is a big day for wrestling, basketball and hockey.
So the meal will be a quick one.
Left over soup with a side of rice
Hot chicken wings, mashed potatoes, and broccoli.

Let's see what happens to our Canucks tonight.
Since the Torres incident they stopped playing.

Everyone knows Chicago is angry and we expect anything to happen,because they said they were going to hurt the Sadines and our goalie.
not to mention the NHL commissioner,Gary Betman,doesn't want Canada to win. lol
But this is just a rumor.
We are in for some interesting game to say the least.
Not expecting to win though.
Montreal lost to Boston in overtime with an off side goal, which the US ref did not call.
Something is amiss to be sure.
The Cunucks have US refs. today.

People pay to see fair games but it is never what it seems I guess.
It's 5-0 and they pulled Louongo out.
It's like it's a totally different game cause our team is not even trying.
Have a good one everyone:)


Trotter said...

Hi Lady! Amazing video!!
Hope you got your sweater peace of mind... ;)

Sorry for the absence, but one week off means three weeks busy to recover... Blogtrotter Two is around the canals of Amsterdam... Enjoy and have a wonderful Easter weekend!!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Trotter

SandyCarlson said...

Happy Easter, my friend!

A Lady's Life said...

You as well Sandy:)