Monday, April 18, 2011

Ruf and Tufn It.

This little guy is showing us how great this beds linen is to take on the roughest treatment .
I love goats. But then I love all animals. lol

The Canucks ruf and tuffed it out this week end to a three two win. Their third.
The Hawks will really have to win the next game if it's to be a 7 game match.
As always it was an exciting game to watch. Looks like Torres is looking at another suspension for hitting someone on the head.
People are saying he's become a dangerous player and a Canuck liability.

After the game we watched Sex and the City 2.
It was enjoyable although the thought did cross my mind that these women were very light and air headed at their age to worry about the things they worried about and doing the things they did. I loved their outfits and thought boy would I love to wear them in my house but I can't see myself washing dishes and floors and doing crafts while being dressed up for an evening out, all day.It was nice to see what was UNDER those burkas. Now the husbands are going to really undress their wives which defeats the purpose of the burkas. Women dress up to entertain each other rather than their men. lol
To keep one's hair alone fixed properly, takes all day at the hairdresser. But I guess we can all dream can't we? However with nothing to do but play, they showed how people can get into trouble and live disturbed lives. However I did learn that yams and humous are good for older women who require more estrogen. Maybe making face masks out of these products would keep us looking young. lol

The trip to Abu Dhabi and staying at a 22,000 dollar a night hotel, when the servants can't afford money enough to visit their families in India for three months seemed a bit extravagant. Why would anyone want to stay at a hotel for that price when you could afford a house of your own with servants for 22,000k a night.One week's stay can pay for most people's mortgages.
Are they kiddin me? Dubai their sister city, is 10k a night. 1/2 price.
I guess that's for poorer people like Di Nero and his family lol (not)

These Arabs truly live in la la land. lol

Happy Monday !!!


George said...

I enjoyed the video of Bambi bounding on the bed. Cute.
I haven't seen Sex and the City 2, but the thought of spending $22,000 for a night at a hotel is ridiculous.

A Lady's Life said...

No kiddin. George.

In Dubai they charge 10,000k a night,
Its supposed to be for the rich and famous which again makes it rather an elitest and a very bad sign with regard to showing the world what Islam is really like and for who.
It's not for the people.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Good morning beautiful. I'm just starting to watch the series on TV. I don't have HBO when Sex and the City first came out so I get to see it all for the first time and it's true, they do dress for one another. I love the outfits and the shoes but not all the eating and sex ;-)

Love you!

A Lady's Life said...

lol You and me both lol butterfly

Better is Possible said...

Our poor Canucks had a miserable night last night. Hoping they get back in the game tomorrow! Go Canucks Go!

A Lady's Life said...

Me Too - Better is possible :)