Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Chicks Go Wild

What cute little chicks I remember we could buy them this way.
Ours used to grow all summer and fed very well until winter when they became dinner.

My parents never told me when they did the deed because they knew I wouldn't eat them.

But otherwise I never knew and it made no difference.

This is the time of year to take out your Christmas trees and decorate them with your favorite eggs.
One family in Germany, filled their whole back yard tree full of eggs. It was gorgeous!!! The work involved was tremendous.
Then the job of taking everything down is another story but it made for a good copy right picture so I couldn't put it on my blog.

The idea is simple enough though with Christmas trees because all you do is change the decorations and the tree can have its own nook in the house and keep celebration in your hearts.

I did this in Singapore but in Canada with people fighting over holidays, it kinda spoils the mood. You wouldn;t want to OFFEND someone. lol

Well chicks are still fun so I hope you enjoy the clip :)

The Canucks were slaughtered yesterday 7-2 in Chicago. But I hope they bring the game and business back home to Vancouver so people can enjoy a victory.
There's no place like home!!!



George said...

Quite a few people down here decorate the trees in their yard with Easter eggs. Some of the trees are quite beautiful.

A Lady's Life said...

How Nice George!!
I haven't seen one here in BC. We mostly do small trees inside our homes.
But its something I would like to do one day just for fun if people help me put the stuff up and then take them down.