Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Benjamin Franklin - Who Knew?

Benjamin Franklin really was an inspiration.

Who knew he could be so creative?

He is almost as creative as our NDP Jack Layton,
who can be seen as the new Obama, painting
rainbows in the sky, as we near another election night.

What politicians won't do for a vote?

And what are people thinking?

What are young people thinking?

Where is the money to pay for all these things
supposed to come from?

A dangerous rainbow is looming
over Canada which could end up in a devastating

We are in for some interesting days ahead.

The only one who talks sense is Harper
He is for the economy, jobs and
safety. Is this not enough to fill a plate?

Guess not. Empty promises sound better.
Who knows, maybe Jack is like Santa
with a secret bag full of presents he
plans to use magic to make appear.
It's been done before (in fairy tales). lol

If only our founding Fathers knew
how their creations are used today,
they would roll over in their graves.

I think Benjamin Franklins' invention
is a better invention because it withstood time

It's a better invention than the dangerous game
Jack Layton is playing with the Canadian people
Turns you off politics totally.

Happy Thursday everyone. :)


Akelamalu said...

Very creative!

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - I never saw an armonica like this before.

George said...

I wish we had more 'leaders' like Benjamin Franklin. The armonica is a nice bonus of all he did.

SandyCarlson said...

Ol' Ben was quite the iconoclast. Thank God he had the courage of his convictions.

A Lady's Life said...

George so do I lol
Todays politicians learned that if they lie people will vote for them Jack Layton is having a ball.

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy our forefathers had causes.The people came to work to build a country.
Todays politician doesn't have anything to talk about. The people all sit with their hands out and new people come not to build a country but to destroy it.
So for politicians to kow tow to new arrivals,for a vote, is very sad for me.
I remember we used to go to work at 15 and paid for our own education . Today the kids can't find jobs and sit home looking for hand outs.
Before the new people, were ashamed to ask for assistance. They made do with what they had and worked to get more.
Today they say it doesn't pay me to work for minimum wage when I can sit home and collect a big check from welfare and have more kids each year to show society, who need to be fed educated and wear 20 dollar diapers.On top of that they are born needing special ed because the parents do drugs and alcohol while pregnant.
People have a sense of entitlement and do not see that this, what they get, is a privilege, donated by the hard working man who denies his own family, by paying taxes for them to do nothing but enjoy life.Politicians hand out money like it was falling from heaven and collect themselves but the working man gets nothing.He has to worry every day and can't get ahead because of all the taxes he pays which increase every year.
When is enough, enough?

Gattina said...

Only know what I learned in history lessons, and this I didn't learn, lol !

Mama Zen said...

What a beautiful sound!