Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vancouver Canucks....

The First Stanley Cup Game of many to come .

Well it was a big night for the Canucks against their nemesis, The Chicago Black Hawks, in their first game of the play offs.
With one of our Canuck guys missing, because of a damaged eye, it was a tough
haul indeed.
The fans were all excited and impatiently waiting for the outcome, as two fearsome
teams, enemies, by nature, ( Native Indian Hawks vs Orca's crashing out from under the ice in the form of a letter C probably standing for Canada.) got ready to show, who is the better man.

Needless to say our knuckles were white from anticipation and many finger nails were being chewed down to the bone, before this game was over.

And a battle it was till the very end. The Hawks gave up their goalie to a free net , got a power play and then lost their own player to a penalty, while the Canucks continued to pound and pound them regardless, with 4 men in.

The Canucks came to win and win they did with a 2-0 shut out.

The cheers were over whelming as we have the best fans in the world following our guys, pushing them forward, to put Vancouver on the map, as having the best Hockey
Team ever.!!
We got the bug Canada. :)

Go Canucks Go!!!

May the wind be at your back helping you along.
A Very Happy Lady's Life.


Better is Possible said...

One down....Yeah, Canucks!
Thanks for the suggestion you left on my blog. I'll for sure look into it. Sounds great!

A Lady's Life said...

welcome better is possible. I found this lady enlightening

SandyCarlson said...

May your team know victory.

Thanks for this beautiful and lively post.

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy lol My cousin in Chicago is a major Black Hawk fan and so this game was so important for us to win for our family lol A little friendly competition. :)