Monday, August 26, 2013

Wild Child.

It is funny because we say animals are taking the characteristics of people today and we treat them with kid gloves, pampering them, and they get people diseases like rotten teeth we now have to brush and cancer. In the wild they die from hunger and fighting with other animals but some are strong and survive a long time without our help.
This is an interesting video and proof of what ails our society.

 We show such hideous movies and behavior and make excuses for showing them to people.
Some say we do this to help ourselves through expression of our feelings.
Ya ok but then while they get better how many does their expression destroy?
Can't they keep their expression private?

We call it art, expression, fantasy,self healing but what we don't accept responsibility for, is for teaching broken mindsand even young healthy minds, something they are not capable of handling.

 With people taking and using drugs furthering brain damage, we can expect a person, capable of anything and everything, walking city streets, with no such thing as self control, self discipline, etc....

 The last thing this professional said in the video caught my attention because I believe it.

 Most of society's problems wouldn't exist if we did not expose children to so called adult behavior and most adult behavior and thinking wouldn't be talked about as adult or important for that reason,
 and as for crime, most of that would not exist either and neither would bad language which proliferates like a disease.

 Most people would never think of doing things some people do today because of personal experience or learning through some other violent  way.

 The video shows people are a product of learning and brain cells change as a result of what we learn.

 It also promotes the observation that what we teach society is important in developing the kind of people we like to associate ourselves with.
So when we promote things like rap and sex and horror movies marijuana etc..our society end up going into a wild direction instead of a direction of self discipline and self control we teach them in schools and at home .

We lose out when kids have to face another kind of world outside requiring to be tough to survive.

 So if self censorship doesn't work, we all must work together to discourage, instead of making excuses for,
 some of the things we put out into the world for people to see and accept as ok.

Makes Beaver Cleaver look good doesn't it?
Brendan Fraser in George of the Jungle and Blast from the Past speak for themselves.
Great movies and very enjoyable to watch for most people.



Gattina said...

As long as you can buy guns easier then sweets (like in the States) and teach your children how to shoot, (I read this on a blog))it will never end ! We are not allowed at all to have guns, not even the policemen when they go home, they have to leave their weapon in their office.

A Lady's Life said...

We are not Europe Gattina. People hunt here.If I lived in the country, I would own a rifle for protection as well as dogs. Farmers kill wolves coyotes bears.
I don't like guns but I agree that guns don't kill, people do.Guns are tools like knives and axes.
If we had guns and no sick people, there would be no problem.
The problem does not lie in guns but in the people who are enraged,
sick, full of hate, sorrow, pain, suffering. People who do drugs and destroy brain cells.Kids being raised without God and is word to trust in.
They are truly alone.
Also, in the US they are not talking about small weapons or rifles but mostly about weapons that shoot many bullets.People do not need such weapons but we live in a world of mistrust. A soldier who knows how to use guns and always carried one,would not like to lose it.He lives in fear most of his life and the fear follows him into civilian life.
The problem is not in the guns but
in the society we raise exposing them to things people should really not be looking at. They should be outside like you,breathing fresh air, sitting by the seaside, exploring. etc...Instead they sit playing violent fighting games,and being taught things that are not ok are ok which leads into seeing worse things.
The good people are too scared to talk and told to shut up.