Sunday, August 18, 2013


I learned about making stars which can be turned into doilies,
appliques, tree ornaments, pins. There is just no end to where little things like this can be used.
I will make more and see what happens. They take no time at all to make to have a collection of them .
They can surround the poppy I made for example  and make another doily for Veterans Day.

Having a sense of entitlement is a kind of sickness in todays' world. While it is ok and perfectly fine to help and save your fellow man, it is not ok to keep yourself in a state of sickness, when help is being offered. anymore than it is ok to drown the person, trying to save you from drowning.

 In a case such as this, to save ourselves, we have to dive so the person lets go and basically let him drown in order to save him. This applies to many addictions people have today: drugs, sex, alcohol, liers, etc.... You have to let them drown in their vice before they realize and really want help to get better. Some people will never ask and therefore they will die with their sickness. These people would probably not be helped even with help.

 You operate on a person with throat cancer and he goes back to smoking.

 I agree that today the world is a scary place to live and so it is even more important to be careful or fall into the crevices and cracks which more and more people seem to fall into today. Making appropriate choices improves your self esteem. The world has become more dangerous, as people walk away from the teaching's of a man who knew what he was talking about. Then they wonder what happened? Why we continue to suffer?

Walking away is not a solution because evil follows you and tries to enter through other doors.
 Psychological maturity is therefore needed to keep you safe, clean, by being able to close the door and not invite evil in without seeming in compassionate.

 These people have no self esteem because they walk, hiding in anonymity, in shadows and darkness, instead of in the light. Yet... They feel entitled, They tell you they are

.They tell you to be a libertine as they are but they don't tell you the price you have to pay, for it. It's not easy today in this world that whirls faster and faster around you,pushing shoving, giving you less and less time to think. But in the world of our Christian God , we are all on the same page and don't have to panic or worry about it.

 In his word, we are free. In his teachings, we are free.

 We are the the true libertines.



Gattina said...

Living in the middle age was even worse. Nothing to eat, persecution of witches, alive grilled and roasted people, and the average age of life was 30 years. So we shouldn't complain too much, lol !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina that was in the dark ages and we in North America didn't have much of that.
You cannot compare today with yesterday.
For one thing, we didn't have instant information coming in through television to teach people, so they were taken advantage of and not just by the clergy but by royals, generals, emperors, ceasars. They also used witches who knew plants for both good and bad.
Today its about job insecurity, food scarcity, water shortage.
If someone wants to kill people today, it would be through more terrible means whereby people would walk as the living dead.
So w have to keep teaching and learning and not just take for granted things will stay as they are.There is always a price to be paid for every decision you make in life.