Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why Do People Hate Good People??

I love my flowers this year.

Christ was crucified for being good and for teaching good.
Nothing has changed since those times.
I asked Google:

 Why do people hate good people? and this link gave some answers from
the general public.


I remember having a friend who purposely invited me into her house knowing her huge dog bites people.
When the dog did not bite me she was amazed he didn't do his job which made me look at her
twice She could not be trusted and no one would believe it if I told them what she did or was now seen as capable of doing. That day I would say God was with me. The dog smelled innocence and friend ship.
She did many bad things as a kid and I didn't and I guess her parents always asked her why she couldnt be like me. She is dead now. So called FUN catches up to you in the end. I never squeeled on her.
I just didnt do the things she wanted me to do and went my own way.

Friends are funny that way. I had another one who came to ask me to go to the park with her.
Someone asked her to bring an athlete so she brought one for a money pay off.
When I saw her getting paid off I looked at her and left. God was with me again.
All that would have been needed was me getting a needle stuck in my butt.
These are good friends I grew up with and don't expect stuff like this from.

In my opinion, a lot of it has to do with money.
Let's face it. Bad things are fun and this is where the big bucks lie.

Where do you want to be, with a group of friends, high, laughing, drinking, and having a good time
or working, serious, studying, taking life serious and sombre?
Or be seen as miss goodie two shoes because you try to get ahead in life and hated for it.

Young people like to be gay and there is nothing wrong with that.
Old people like to laugh and be gay too.
 Parents like to laugh and be gay.
But like it was explained to us a kids there is a time and place and then it is back to the drawing board.
Being good is boring and there is no money in it or is there?

I'd like to think there is.
I'd like to think there are many ways to make money, have fun , be clean, innocent, learn,
without having the hurt someone side effect.

There is nothing wrong with being moral or ethical. or trying to be.

In fact, it makes life so much easier to live, if every one just faced themselves in the mirror, and tried to change what they didn't like, to make themselves better people.

Talking about it opens so many doors, the bad want to see stay shut.
 They hate it when we talk about being good.

We will never be perfect, but what is the harm in trying to be good or the best that you can be?
There is room enough for every one, in this area of life. The word is about.TRUST.

Being bad is fun but the side effects are devastating and this is where lots of money can be made
to further heal or further create more needy people that could be controlled by the powers that be.

We need to be able to see through the false prophets we have been warned about and they are found every where. They preach good but do bad. So if people are not armed with the word of God found n the 10 Commandments they are easy prey.

In the end, it is a power struggle as to who will win.
We find truth in the good words of the 10 Commandments.
These words never change and if you see things changing them,
 you know this to be a falsehood and have to tread carefully.

The Bible for example, will say look both ways before crossing the street.
The false prophet will say: Hey, they have to stop for you. You are the pedestrian.

 Do they stop?
Ask any Mother who lost a child, which rule she would teach her child to follow?

Most of our lives we find we have these sort of difficult, back breaking, decisions to make,
that we do not ask to make but fall at our feet and we don't know what to do.
Internally..... looking into our souls... we DO know what to do.
It's just that we find an excuse not to.

The bad say we are all bad . No such thing as a good person.
We had this discussion at school dealing with the subject of sex, prostitution and married women.
The women libers argued that a piece of paper doesn't change the fact you have sex with men.
It makes you the same as every other woman. They use colorful terms to further degrade you to put you on the same level.
But in the words of my grand mother, dirt does not cling to clean surfaces. It blows off.
People know you for who you are by how you live and by how much you care and how you behave.
If someone tries to soil you, your reputation stands firmly beside you.

The traditional side argued that yes, the paper does make a difference. It shows commitment.
It creates a legal family that is bound together as one. It ensures a Mother and  a Father for the kids.
It ensures stability. It stops people from running around feeling they owe no one anything.
It opens doors to a feeling that here you are safe and free to show your true face and your
weaknesses and it is here truth will be told to you and the kids. You do not work for individual gain but for the gain of the family. And then there is a safety feature in having sex with a person who won't bring you some VD because to them it's just sex.
In a marriage, it is never just sex.
They slyly changed the question to why should you from why shouldn't you?
Fear stops you. Actors use money issues as examples to not marrying.
Thing is, a contract signed under false pretences should be null and void just as the empty words I love you
from someone fearing to commit.
Somehow signing mans contracts this way are ok but signing one under Gods eyes makes people wary.
Expectations , rules, emotions, hurting the innocent, come with the contract.
If they are not up to it, then what do their words really mean?

You really have to love someone seriously, to be willing to sacrifice of yourself and of your life, for the other.
This is why we have the piece of paper signed before God and in his eyes, there is no divorce.

Where our psychiatrists say divorce, before you kill one another, the good man says you have to be good and you cannot kill, so why divorce?
What is it you really fear? Mistakes? We all make them and we correct them.
Of course you will always have some cases where there is no other choice but to divorce because
people hide who they are but then these same people do the same things unmarried. Abuse lie cheat.
You think because he/she says they love you you can change them but you can't because they don;t know what true love is.
This is why marriage is a sacred thing and one has to be sure the one they marry is the real thing.

Another argument people use for divorce is that they need to be individual and free.
In the adult world there is nothing you can't be in a marriage that you can be in the world out there single..

In fact, there is more freedom in a marriage than to have to fight alone in the outside world.
Its easier to say no, in a marriage than if you are a so called free person.
The world and life is about laws, not about real freedom.

The freedom we are allowed to live outside of marriage doesn't change much inside marriage.
It's just that inside marriage you are no longer a child and know your mind and what you want.
That decision was made and put behind you, trust love commitment established, in order to move forward.

To fight bad people, they say, makes you just as bad or worse because you have to out smart them, pull them into your web, by getting them mad enough to make a mistake to show their true colors.
If they were smart they would walk away but they can never resist.
They are like moths flying around a lit light bulb.
They all get caught.

 They have a false notion that they are perfect criminals.
They are smarter and they like to show power by inflicting pain and suffering just because they can.
These are the computer hackers, the people who make obscene phone calls, pedophiles, people who try to sway you into making a mistake they can hold over your head.  etc....
Life hurt them and now they feel they have rights to do the same and spoil it for every one, instead of seeking help.They use bad language to break you down and put you on the same level saying there is no difference between them and you.

As Mr Monk and Columbo show, they always get caught.
The good person can learn to think like the bad guy but knows boundaries and lives within
self dicipline , within  self control while he defends the innocent, to catch the bad guy.

The good person needs to have  very strong moral skills, self will and determination, which he will not have
 if he is not in control of his mind. This he gets, through good positive living, good morals and ethics,
things looked down on today.
He doesn't do drugs because the law says he can.
He doesn't abuse liquour as an excuse for his problems.
He doesn't hit on another mans wife/husband because he/she is of easy virtue.
He especially doesn't abuse children because he finds them annoying. or worse, sexually attractive.

Being good, is not that easy to do. It is not a sign of weakness.
 Being good, is a sign of strength.
Being good is an act of the strong who can say no to bad things without fear.
Being good is a right today in a world where bad hides in shades of grey.

Try being good sometime and see how hard it really is.

There are many arguments as to why we should be tolerant to the bad people.
One reason is that it is the bad people who are weak.
They can't think things through properly, can't make good judgement decisions because they don't care to learn, being careless with their own lives.
So if they can't learn, we have to be tolerant until they do, showing good will and kindness, we hope will rub off on them.
It's ok to be tolerant as long as it doesn't hurt you.
There is a time to say no as well and not be swayed by laws which allow for harm to take place.
Crying after the fact, won't change things.
Man's law is slow. Someone always has to die before people decide it needs changing.

Prostitutes argue that we have rights to be prostitutes. It's an old profession.
OK. Fine . Then why is it that when they get old, sick, and not attractive any more, they look for fresh meat to sell and they get it through trickery, drugs and even slavery.They prey on the young and the innocent.
There is no free will to be found here.
They play on issues of personal greed offering candy to a baby.
The babies who accept the candy come in all sizes and ages.No one is immune.
They say it's ok as long as there is a market for it and take no responsibility for it.

People who sell drugs have the same philosophy but try teaching God's word as to why you shouldn't accept candy, it suddenly becomes a hateful thing to teach.
Should becoming a woman of the night, be something one should agree to, out of ones' free will without being forced into it?
Reality shows that this is not the case.( I can see so many objecting already but this is something they have to really sit and think about)

And so the power struggle continues between the good and the bad. The good talk and the bad say shut up blah blah blah. We heard it all. Money talks and bull shit walks they say.
 There are no jobs so we make them, they say, but try taking away the customers and see what happens to your side of free enterprise lol
The more tolerant of the bad we become, the more we become entrapped and fall into a life of confusion,and sadness and even intolerance and cruelty one will never find in a world of a merciful God,
It becomes harder and harder to get out of when good people stop talking.

. Only the strong realize the road they are on, before it is too late to pull out.
When the scales tip, the good samaritan becomes the hated and the fall of Rome is not far ahead, as history repeats itself.

Now the things I say is an opinion, open to discussion, without bad language.
I don't expect total agreement as I don't agree either with people, which is my right not to in a free just world. it is every mans' journey to seek truth.

I speak for the benefit of young people who need to hear this, for personal courage.

Thing is, it seems people of the God I know, are more tolerant than the people who don't believe in his word
and are ready to crucify any one who speaks his true word.

They say religion is intolerant and God doesn't exist but in reality, tolerance is found in the the word of God and unbelievers are the ones who find fault and unacceptance.

Now I say the word of God, not the word of man, speaking for him.

 If they were right, about religious intolerance,they would not be here to talk about it.
It would just not be allowed by God himself. He doesn't need man to speak for him.
He already sent his son to die for us.

The God we believe in has no face and thus takes no sides.
We just have his word to read, learn, understand, in very simple terms and yet full of heavy philosophy.
It opens doors to false prophets as well as truth and God leaves it up to us to know the difference.

The answers are all there,
if people would just look at them with open hearts and minds..



Munir said...

I like what you said about God having no Face therefore taking no sides. For me to do things that any one else would do for me when I am in need is one way of doing good and in the same token not to hurt any one because I would not want to get hurt helps.

A Lady's Life said...

Yes I agree Munir.
Do unto others as one would have done unto you.

So where do we go wrong?

Sandy Carlson said...

People sure can be tough. I hear what you are saying. Some folks seem to enjoy being cruel. I am grateful for a few good friends and a good job with solid people. You remind me to say thanks for these blessings

A Lady's Life said...

Yes we certainly are lucky to have people around us who we can love and call friends Sandy.
I think we need to be more vocal to the young people who are in need of a voice promoting hope in people and not to be shy to demand that they do..

Daisy Mae said...

Glad to find this discussion as I too often wonder why it seems that the "pure in heart" people are often hated by the masses. You story about the dog simply attested to what I have also known and experienced. Dogs are GOOD creatures. They sense fear and hostility in people. The fact it didn't attack you is NO surprise. I worked in home health for 15 years in rural areas where dogs were their security system. I never was afraid of them and always got out of my car and never once attacked much to the surprise of the owners. It is all very simple and we try to make it complicated. Fact is, to live is evil. A rare few maintain a heart of purity and are often if not always disliked and judged by others. Often lonely and isolated because they simply don't fit in with society. Good article and I hope you continue your work.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Daisy.
Religion has always played a positive roll in my life.
I never paid much attention to it before because I was young and people were always nice to me and I also was nice to the old the weak and seemed to always defend the under dog. Today so much has changed.
Kids need to hear the word of God.
He does exist just as much as the devil does.
It's important to know the difference since basically man is born good.