Saturday, August 17, 2013

Beauty and the Glass Door.

At Beautys' door of glass
Where Wit and Wealth once stood
They asked her:"which might pass?"
She answered: "he who could."

I like this poem but don't know who wrote it.

The door of glass could mean many things.
It's a door so it must open and close
But is it locked?
Are beauty wit and wealth reflections
one sees in the glass door?
Or can wit and wealth  open the door and walk right in
since beauty makes no effort to pull the curtains.
Did Beauty also have wit and wealth?
Or did wit and wealth have no beauty?
Who would get Beauty in the end?
Unless some very imaginative way were found, wit and wealth could not pass through the glass door, unless they were already with her on the other side and she was looking at them as reflections of herself.

And who is beauty? Is it a person a place or a thing?
Could wealth buy beauty?
Could wit obtain beauty?

or is beauty an unobtainable thing?
Maybe beauty is a spirit, or a rainbow, or northern lights??
Maybe beauty is the sun or the ocean or a star.
Maybe beauty is a feeling
4 simple sentences but so much can be written into it.
No wonder people find it hard to understand one another lol

The above doily is a lacy snowflake It turned out very pretty in real life.
Very soft and fluffy but only 6 " .
It takes a while to make since lacy things are mostly chains.
I am learning to make 1 1/2 "  stars now and will try to sew them together
to make something else.
It's a granny pattern and grannies sure know their stuff.
I think if I made them with larger hooks and different colors, they would make a lovely
baby blanket or afghan . Small as is, they could be sewn on a pillow case to give it and elegant look.

I have always had this fascination with thread and how many different ways it can
 be curled and wound. It began with watching fishermen making nets.
In the past they had to make their own thread as well from roots of plants.
They had to know which plants to use and how to break down the fibers, dry them,
wind them into threads that did not break.
To think how much ingenuity man had to have in order to survive and get something from nothing.

With internet and the fast pace of life, people do not learn things like this and once technology is lost,
so will man have to begin again learning from scratch what their ancestors knew long long ago.
even in math, we see our ancestors knew so much more than we expected they did. So what happened?
Why did they stop learning?


Magia da Inês said...

Passei para uma visitinha.

°º✿♫ Boa semana!
°º✿ Beijinhos
º° ✿ °❤ Brasil ♫° ·.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Beauty is defined by many personal opinions...
Aside from God's creation, I believe beauty is at its peak when we love authentically.

Love for a great Sunday!

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you Magia

A Lady's Life said...

So true butterfly.
But there is only one true love.One true person to love apart from God.
This is why it is important to choose
correctly when you decide to marry.
It's not about looks or sex.
It's always about the unity of human souls. You meet and you know one another, even before you speak.