Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sichon Shiranian Worlds.

This hydrangea flower popped up from my new plant. It was surprise and we sit admiring it.
I love them as cut flowers because they dry this way and can stand for a long time.
I have been taking cuttings from plants and trying to see if they will root and finished my final doily
for the set of 12.
 It was hard to do as this one followed a pattern and reading long directions is hard on the eyes. But it turned out very nice. I worked on and off and finished it at midnight last night.
Some projects you are happy to see the end of and this doily was one of them. lol

 Its the  blue one on the end, at the right had side

The coasters were added and as you can see the coffee table is getting
filled up with doilies of all kind. Coasters take 5 minutes to make.

After a few days off in Whistler my son's friend got herself a pup
 and he brought it for us to see.

My Tanya was kinda upset to see I was loving another dog but she smelled the bum and the pup wagged its tail.
Slow introductions were  made lol She is getting used to it and the pup, of course, is non stop wags.
My dog is a bichon/shitzu mix known as a Sichon
This pup is a Pomeranian and shitzu mix known as a Shiranian. He is mostly a soft  fluffy black ball of fur
and his tail would not stop wagging.
I love designer dogs.

My husband throws the ball and made  a best friend in Tanya, who follows him around all day long.
He loves it. Beau gets bread and he follows him around as well. So now my husband doesn't feel left out.
Usually the dogs we had, were  very protective of me . When my husband gave me a hug they would come
to intercede, to say no, be careful.
 One shepherd would go behind his back, stand up on his hind legs and dig his claws into his back.
I'd laugh to see claw marks on my husbands' back but he didnt think it was funny. lol

He wondered why the dogs were like that and I told him it's because I am home with them and you aren't.
When he was home, he hardly paid any attention to them anyway, so is it a wonder they were all my dogs.

Female dogs love male owners and male dogs love female owners. Tanya knows she is mine cause I love her so much but she likes sleeping by my husbands feet and he finds it

 Tanya wondered why I would be holding another dog??
Yesterday I came out with the scissors and she hates clipping time.
I bet the Shiranian will need some clipping as well. His butt is already clipped.
My son is helping to socialize  the Shiranian and train it but they have not given it a name yet.
If it was a girl I'd name it Pinky because of its  bright pink tongue.
I had a Pekanese by that name and she was sweet too but her legs were not strong.

Puppies are all friendly but old dogs take time to put things together and mine was not tail wagging lol
She is getting better. Beau won't care but he is big and can step on the pup who will be all over him lol

Well This is Thursday news.

Have a good one.


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

The puppy is so adorable and your so is so very handsome!

Love you my friend :-)

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Butterfly
We have been having a lot of fun with it today.

Akelamalu said...

Sweet little puppy and I love the doilies! When I was at school and we made cakes in Home Economics the teacher always insisted we served them on a paper doily on a plate.

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - yes some are made to put into a round plate.
It changes everything. You hate to get them dirty though.
They look nice just sitting on a table