Friday, August 16, 2013

Of Wedded Souls

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Wedded Souls  by Shelley seems to be a poem of self discovery.

"I am as a spirit who has dwelt within his heart of hearts and
 I have felt his feelings."

To know oneself.
 To understand oneself.
To feel so united with oneself.
To be aware of this reality of unity between man and his own soul
Is an amazing philosophical  feat, people spend years to learn
 if they learn at all.
To have a marriage with another person who
you understand, know and are likewise united with, in the same way,
is a love that supercedes all worldly expectations.

To marry, is to be wed to another person, as you are wedded to your soul,
united, inseparable,so as to tear oneself away, equals facing death itself.

Is it no wonder that a man and wife, cannot live without the other and die
 of a broken, lonely heart, shortly after the passing of one,

"having unlocked the golden melodies of his deep soul as with a master key."



Sandy Carlson said...

Sounds like a beautiful thing!

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy - I know of many couples like that including my parents.They lived wonderful lives together and hated to say good bye
Usually they follow one another within a short period of time.

Rick Watson said...

Two people in our community had been married 60 years. He died one Friday and she died the next.

A Lady's Life said...

Rick Isn't that something. True love.