Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Minty Affair.

The mint has gone wild.
I am soo happy to look at it and smell it when I touch it.

Nothing like a fresh leaf to chew on.

I remember back in Quebec , we would go up north into Gods' country.
It was pretty wild up there and it was nothing to walk on rocks and stones and come across
deer bones and antlers , a carcass left over from a kill, by what?
 A cougar?
A bear?
One could let ones' imagination run wild and you'd think I'd better get out of here.

We would collect drinking water from a dent in the ground covered in leaves which always had
very tasty cold clean water in it.It never went dry and always filled up from somewhere.
The air would be crisp and fresh, the water in the running stream, ice cold and the stars so bright, filled the darkness and showed you the way.
You could feel them trying to reach out to you. Every nerve in your body tingled
trying to absorb everything you could from the experience of nature. The taste, the smell, the feel.
Your lungs never got enough of this mountain air and the experience of breathing,
touched the root of your soul.
There was never enough and you got spoiled very quickly.

As you looked up at the stars, cool wild mint would crawl between your toes
and the aroma would float up and leave you with a heaven scent you
 never forget as long as you live.
It is on such nights that you think, it is great to be alive.

Thank you.

There was a private lake not too far away and some one put aquarium fish in there.
They looked like angel fish with yellow stripes on them .
Such a pretty curiousity and they stayed in the shallow end
between the rocks so you would always find them there to look at.
I'd spend an hour easily lying on those rocks observing them.

It was always so peaceful and quiet .A colorful bird would fly by with a twitter.
it was as if this person, who owned this land and lake, created a kind of personal paradise for himself.
If you ask me today where we were, I couldn't tell you.

I could tell you about the beach we'd go to which was always full of people. There would be a hot dog bus
and french fries they put into brown wrapping paper covered in salt and vinegar.
The whole beach smelled of these fries and it must have affected every one the
same way because the line up to get them was always long.
 The portions they gave for 50 cents was very generous too. For a 1.50 you'd get
a dog, fries and coke, that tasted like coke should.

I still have the taste and smell of all these things lingering in my nostrils. It's been a long while
since we smell these smells any more.
I don't think they make vinegar the same way as they did before either.
The smell and taste is different today.
Polish dogs don't taste like polish dogs. Bacon doesn't taste like bacon.
Garlic sausages don't have garlic in them.

Food has become second rate and you keep tasting, in the hopes of  finding a product
that is familiar to what you ate as a child. Of course the food was all made locally by the butchers and bakers and you bought directly from them and they were all European.

When you bought rye bread, it was real rye bread. You tasted the yeast and the rye
as you crunched the toasted bread covered in butter.
After the war people relished food and as a kid growing in that time you had the best of both worlds.
Food, peace, love.
 Ok lots of discipline too, and freedom to enjoy nature. Kids are too hyper today because
we keep looking for things to entertain them with.
 In our time, we found our own entertainment. We actually looked at our surroundings.
We smelled the flowers. We chased mice between the leaves and shrubs.
We explored, tasted, got into trouble but we grew strong and healthy.
Our cheeks were rosy. Our hair messy. We wore home made clothes and oxford shoes and no matter what, we always had a smile ready to go.
We always had a desire to help out and make ourselves useful and the days were always way too short.

The only hope we have today to find the food we ate back then, might still be found in Europe, where it seems they still cook and bake with the old recipes. Even the cheeses were different.
They actually had a taste to them.
Today they just come with a label and a huge price tag but no flavour.
No one misses it cause they never tasted food like we did back then.

Winters were brutal back then but no one complained. Every one would come out with their shovels,
snow men sprung up in every yard and as the piles of snow grew, kids would dig tunnels in them and make forts to play in. Some yards got the hose out and made back yard skating rinks but the park always had two rinks and a small hill to toboggan on.
One rink was for hockey and one for the normal kids to enjoy.We'd spend the whole day there and our feet and hands were always frozen. Hot chocolate milk was always welcome.

In December came time to choose a tree and we'd know where to go.
A friend from school, Brenda, had a dad who brought in truck loads of the best trees to choose from Their whole yard was full of trees and people would walk over and struggle to carry the big things home. The air was full of excitement and smiles.
This man sure loved his trees and pleasing people. We'd pay him 5 dollars for a tree which aired out the whole house with freshness from all the powdery snow that melted off of it. Not many brought cars.It was a special treat to walk your tree home in all the snow, while huge flakes tumbled from the sky, thick soft and white.We were always so happy trying to push this tree through the doorway and my Mom would wait for us with a big smile on her face.
Every year my dad would make a new stand to fit the tree.
He was always so excited himself to see how it would look.
The only other time our house would smell so fresh was when we would take out our rugs and cover them with snow to sweep the dust out of them on both sides. They would come back in so fresh and clean and it was such a pleasure to unroll them.

It was a lot more fun to live back then, with family being so close knit always working as a team.
The presents were never as important as all these memories we made.
Maybe this is why today I like the small town feeling where people all know one another, as opposed to the world we live in today, where even neighbors are strangers.

 Well , this is what mint does to me. lol
Enjoy this video

Have a good one.


Akelamalu said...

I so enjoyed reading these memories of 'the good old days'. Thankyou. x

George said...

You've got some wonderful memories. I often wonder what kind of memories our grandchildren will have since they spend so much time indoors on their computers and other devices. I'm not against modern technology -- I enjoyed your video.

A Lady's Life said...

I also enjoy having good memories akelamalu. We all have them and it sometime saddens one things change so much. People die and life goes on.

A Lady's Life said...

george I also don't have anything against
technology. But our PM is just saying sexual crime against children is on the rise and internet is not helping.Children were sacred in our time No one crossed that line except now we find out priests did. That sin is unforgiveable.

Sandy Carlson said...

It's nice to have good memories. They are a kind of spiritual food.

A Lady's Life said...

ya sure are Sandy

Kathleen McCoy said...

Ah, yes! Authentic mint! I remember that so clearly from my childhood. A neighbor across the street had a flourishing mint bush that she shared with all of us. You're right that in an era of so many manufactured, synthetic tastes, a real mint leaf is a pleasure, indeed!

A Lady's Life said...

kathleen this mint is not wild mint
but good enough lol