Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jailed In Our Heads

They sing of richness , velvet nights
Of silver moons so high and bright
So much is there, we never see
We sleep walk, jailed in our heads.

Oh words melodic to our ears
Not understood,  except to ours
Slide and slip through winding paths
Hither, Thither from the past.

They speak of things we know not what
They sing the songs from long long past.
Now silenced by the truth of dread
We sleep walk jailed, in our heads.

We hold the hands we dearly love
The graying curls and smile so sweet
Life etched upon a face so pure
No trace of guilt, for us to know.

And so it all begins again
A child A Father and a Son
A Mothers love and tears to bear
And words that no ever hears.

Hither Thither from the past
Slide and slip through winding paths
Songs reach up to the silver moons as
We sleep walk, jailed, in our heads.
A Lady's Life.