Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Hunt

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I can smell it but I can't see it.

The Hunt
It is the hunt and not the hunter
That's important to this tale.
For the prize is what we value
What we lose and what we find.

The hunt, becomes a big race
To the Winner, go the spoils.
But the fun is in the hunting
In the running and the find.

Oh the tales that I can tell now
Of the places and the smells
Of the rain and of the swimming
Of the drenching, sweaty trails.

Of the hills and rotten tree logs
Of the green and yellow frogs
Of the burrs and thorns I fall in
 When I roll in the sweet grass

Of the heat and heavy breathing
Of the joy within my heart
Here and there, my head is spinning,
The seeker seeks, the hunted runs.

And all the while the prey is sneaking,
Around the seeker of the hunt.
Avoiding by all means the hunter
Who wins a prize upon his death.

Aha! He pounces on the hunted
The seeker pokes him with his nose
The hunted pleads by giving paws up
The fun has climaxed to an end.

Oh, the joy is in the hunting
Not the prize the hunter wins.
The heart loves frogs and rotten tree logs.
The smell of sweet grass, in green, wild  lands.
A Lady's Life
Canada has some old weird laws too Gattina.
For example.
Did you know it's against the law to sell edible underwear without a food license in Canada?

In Petrolia, Ont. “Yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling or singing is prohibited at all times.” 

Businesses must have a place to tie horses.

The city is a no pee zone.

You may not own a log cabin

You are not allowed to water the grass when it is raining.

 If you are released from prison, it is required that you are given a handgun with bullets and a horse, so you can ride out of town.

Not more than 3.5 inches is allowed in a bath tub in etobikoke. ont


George said...

I'm glad the U. S. isn't the only country with weird laws.

A Lady's Life said...

ya some seem weird for today george