Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Souls We Never See

I just love it when we pass by old tractors and farming equipment.
My husband never slows down on time but this time we stopped at this
farmers market in Cloverdale and they had this amazing fella
just standing there.He was spit and polished, looking brand new
and I thought I sure wouldn't have minded to drive it cutting the hay.
Nothing like the smell of fresh cut hay.
On a sunny day such as this I would certainly have had a beach umbrella
or manufactured some kind of sun protector over my head.

Todays' tractors come with aircon and radios.... you hardly know it's a tractor.
But they work hard and practically forever, through hell and high water.
Better a tractor than those poor horses they used.

When my Dad came to Canada after the war he worked on a farm for Mr
Brossard. The land must have been sold because now there is nothing but houses.
in the city of Brossard.

My Dad had to work for one year to pay for his trip to come here from Germany.
He told me of the beautiful work horses Mr Brossard had and he worked with them and cared for them until one day a man came into the barn and the horses didn't like him because apparently he was not a nice man.

They panicked and almost tore the posts holding the barn up, down, nearly killing my Dad.
They were powerful horses, gentle, kind  except when they would see this man coming.
He could be far away not intending to enter the barn or the field but it didn't matter.
They were always looking out for him and therefore one never knew what they would do when.
My Dad was so angry by the scare he got, he complained to Mr Brossard and he was put on another farm to work where that man would not come.
I don't know if the horses went with him.
Poor horses.
My Dad used to tell me stories about how Mr Brossard would invite him to eat and he would have 3/4 inch
steaks which he would flip in a pan on his wood stove. He then would tell my Dad he never tasted meat like this, and my Dad had to agree as they both dug in.
Since this experience, my Dad would always love to fry steaks for my Mum and me.
They were always soo good.
It wasn't often new immigrants would see or eat meat like this so it was definitely a treat.
When he wasn't working in the field, my Dad would drive Mr Brossard around in his car and he was surprised how many people Mr Brossard knew. People liked him and he was welcome everywhere.
In those days it was I help you, you help me type of times and neighbours all depended on each other,
moreso than in todays' time. Mr Brossard was in a better position to help the poor and he did.

So tractors I am sure were a welcome change since they worked and never complained and never
feared the people who work them.
A farmer had been taken several times by the local car dealer. One day, the car dealer informed the farmer that he was coming over to purchase a cow.
The farmer priced his unit as follows:
Basic cow: $ 499.95
Shipping and handling: $ 35.75
Extra stomachs: $ 79.25
Two tone exterior: $ 142.10
Produce storage compartment: $ 126.50
Heavy duty straw chopper: $ 189.60
Four spigot/high output drain system: $ 149.20
Automatic fly swatter: $ 88.50
Genuine cowhide upholstery: $ 179.90
Deluxe dual horns: $ 59.25
Automatic fertilizer attachment: $ 339.40
4 x 4 traction drive assembly: $ 884.16
Pre-delivery wash and comb: $ 69.80
Additional dealer adjustments: $ 300.00
TOTAL LIST PRICE (Including options): $ 3143.36
One day a farmer's wife was working in the kitchen and she dropped a fork on the floor. As she bent down to pick it up, her husband walked in the house and said: "Woman you have a butt the size of a combine."
She continued on with her work and soon she dropped a washcloth on the floor. As she bent down to pick it up the farmer said:"No, I think your butt is the size of 2 combines."
She didn't pay any attention to him and continued on with her work.
That night the husband was trying to get a little action when the wife said: "I'm not starting up $300,000 worth of equipment for one little corn cob."


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

LOVED the video. I love horses. I take photos when I'm out driving along. LOVE the pure beauty and quietness they seem to have when no one is around.

Loved the joke!!! :-)

Love this the most:
"Since this experience, my Dad would always love to fry steaks for my Mum and me. They were always soo good."

LOVE you!
Have a great weekend my friend.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Butterfly.
I liked the last video where the wild male horse pulled a drowning young horse out of the water back to her Mother.
I the lady who put this video on, that horses indeed have souls.How did he know to save it? It wasn't even part of his pack.

Sandy Carlson said...

Thanks for this post. Thanks for sharing your soul.

A Lady's Life said...

Welcome Sandy.When gentle giants fear a man, something is definitely wrong and this could result in them killing an innocent, who doesn't know about their fear. They pulled down the posts holding up a barn. Can you imagine the power to do this??
Yet the video shows two different herds of horses, one from one heard in distress and another from another herd helping it to get back to the other side to the river to its mother.
This is an incredible story about horses and why they are so loved.

blogger tset said...

Hi there Lady, thanks for coming by my blog and saying hello.

Lovely tractor and horses on this post. We see a lot of them in Villigen!

A Lady's Life said...

I love them too Villigen