Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Greek Bliss Sealed With A Kiss.

We entered a little Greek Restaurant in the old part of Chilliwack.
As most cities, there is the old and the new sections and here we could see
how people aged, along with the buildings and wine dispensers beside our table.
I couldn't help but think that in a few more years, new people will have to come and the city will have to renovate or establish a tourist area out of this area.
It won't be hard to do as there are many heritage buildings and a nice park across the street.

The food was very good at the Rendezvous Restaurant. For 12 dollars we got a huge plate of dolma, rice, Greek salad,spanakopita ,baked potato with tzatziki sauce and  some other Greek sauce for the salad and fresh baked flat bread.
 The food was remarkably lip smacking
 I still find it interesting how the drinks all change names.
 I wonder how many they will continue to invent?
You left thinking, Greek Bliss sealed with a kiss.

This little church is a historical monument of sorts because they turned it into an island surrounded by
roads. You could just imagine paths full of  horse carriages driving by it, from all sides. It must have been pretty in winter with all the snow. The story of this church is interesting.


It has a wheel chair ramp . So many people ride scooters here
or walk with walkers and canes. The local radio station is on the next block

They had the bell on the ground with writing on it.
While we were eating we heard church bells chiming which
 was kinda neat. They are soo soothing to the ear but if it wasn't this bell
then it must have been the Chilliwack equivalent of Big Ben.

We found these trees growing in so many places.

The Church is quite active and puts on a lot of plays  giving it a real
nice old fashioned community feeling, the way things should be,
 but some how just aren't any more.

Finally a snow flake done in white and the picture doesn't do it justice.
 It is so pretty and made from bamboo.
Yup. Bamboo.
Apparently it can be broken down and woven into thread like hemp.
The thread is mixed with cotton and is silky soft.

And YES!!!  We still have snow in Chilliwack!


Mama Zen said...

What a cute little church!

A Lady's Life said...

We thought it was cute and the fact that it travelled to get to that spot.