Friday, August 23, 2013

Just A Bush

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We find inspiration in the most unlikely of places when we least expect it.
A harmonious bush, in the forest, captures your eye
and you think how like a weeping willow it seems, so quiet , demure,
swaying its' leaves ever so slightly, to an invisible breeze, welcoming it,
as to a visitor, who comes to dine.
You think, it's a nothing bush.

Just a plain ol bush and yet, here it is,
capturing you and keeping your gaze, as if it were the only thing in the world to see,
 showing you life, as it should be, simple,
un pretentious, humble and pure.

Just a plain ol bush. Nothing more.
Bare, cold and deaf to a winters' night and yet
so full of life and warmth in summer, that if fire should be green,
it would set your heart to burn like embers
 in a live volcanoes' mouth.

A Plain ol bush , with feathers hanging from each branch
so lush and glowing, from the sunlights' beams.
If red were green, we'd never worry.
We'd say: It's nothing..... like this bush.
A Lady's Life.

Know how to do stars now.
Feels cool when they turn out. lol
Had it been bigger it could be a nice pillow.