Friday, August 2, 2013

A Day at Home.

My wild roses are still blooming and are letting out a lot more buds.

Did this doily today and will send it to my aunt (my mothers' sister) in Chicago.
I hope she likes it.

She still has the pysanky eggs I made when I was a teen ager.

She will enjoy this doily lol She wanted 2 but I work as I feel from day to day.
They are easy to put into a letter envelop to send.
I don't usually give my hand made stuff away.
They are for my personal enjoyment.
This is doily # 13 and my hands are tired already.
My other finished ones are ready to go into plastic bags and put away.
It's nice to have things for when you need them.

Ok I managed fork out another one  So she will get two tea doilies. lol
Time to give my hands a rest. These are larger so take longer to do.

We spent the whole day babysitting the puppy, as the Mommy was at work all day.
It is such a wonderful puppy, full of tail wags and kisses.
 My dogs are afraid of him. lol I guess they can't see his face either.

Here is a larger shot.
I hope they find him a name soon cause right now he answers to
"What a good little puppy! |"
and he covers you in
My son washed him to get the pet store smell off of him and he loved it.
Even my husband got into the puppy mood and worked happily making stuffed
tomatoes and peppers.

A world without puppies, is not a good world at all.
Something small like this, brings so much interest, change and joy into a family.
I think he will visit us often.We already are such good friends.


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Love the puppy! Want to doggie sit so bad :-)
Love that he answers to that and you're so write, cannot imagine a worked without pets. Sometimes humans just don't get it and animals so do...

Love you and enjoy your weekend!

A Lady's Life said...

Butterfly my animals are just like people.
The pup is getting stronger and more playful and pretty soon he will livin up my dogs as they are not used to puppies lol and look at him from afar. They are old dogs.
and you can see it now in front of tis little one.
He says BOO and they jump and run away. lol

He is just a little bundle of joy.
Too bad they grow up

Mama Zen said...

What a sweet puppy!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Mama Zen