Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Rose Is Not Just a Rose and A Life Is Not Just A Life.

Roses are beautiful no matter what angle we choose to photograph
them from.
They just always rise up to the occasion. The flowers just finish blooming with new ones
 already budding to replace them.

I crocheted a few more doilies and a few coasters roses would look lovely beside.
People say romanticism is dying but I don't believe it ever will.
People like nice things.

My cousin got her doilies  in the mail and was delighted to receive them as this
was a total surprise to her that I sent them. They sit pretty on coffee and end tables
surrounded by plants and hers will look nice beside the orchids she grows.
She loves to garden and especially flowers.
I know she will keep them a long time since she still has my pysanky eggs from some
40 years back
The week end is going by quickly. One of my tomato plants has 52 flowers on it,
and so far 8 real tomatoes are growing.
The leaves that I tried rooting, I think for the most part, are doing well.
 I guess we shall see the results soon..
We have tons of black berries in the back yard again and a lot of work to
 chop the vines down.
They are aggressive and would cover the whole yard if you let them.
I think if anyone wants to grow them they should stay in pots.

I think life would be good if we didn't listen to the news.
This week they said 39,000 jobs were lost in Canada in July.
But car sales went up.
The gas and car rentals seem cheaper the further away you go from the big cities.
Why does government allow such playing with gas prices?
Should renting cars not have the same rates irrespective of where you rent them from?

Another interesting thing we heard about Pennsylvania, where oil companies are
digging holes called fracking, and destroying the drinking water.
Sounds like some of the stories we hear here in Canada.
They can light a match and the water from the tap, catches fire.
So people are all upset and yet here are the Arab countries all producing oil
and we don't hear any stories about fracking from them. They have the least amount of water
in the desert, and people seem to be doing fine.
What are they doing right and what are we doing wrong?

We also have environmentalists still fighting over the cutting of old trees.
Now knowing people are upset over this, why does government allow healthy,
1000 year old trees, to be cut down when we have so many others that are being wasted?
It seems to be an easy enough problem to resolve.

Megalodon is an enormous 49-60 foot shark that seems to have shown its' head on the ocean surface.
It makes our biggest whales look like sardines in comparison.

It is said to be extinct 1.5 million years ago but apparently it is not and can dive 6000 feet in minutes.
One such shark was tagged but the signal was lost after it went over the 6000 foot depth margin and they never heard it again.
Subs can go down about 250 meters  or 750 feet and I don't believe at the same speed this shark dives.
I wonder how far up it can jump out of the water? Can it pull a plane down flying in the Burmuda Triangle?
or swallow whole boats, hook line and sinker?
Makes you think twice before sailing in the ocean blue, when the oceans are being depleted of fish by aggressive over fishing.
Man needs to replenish what he pulls out of the oceans and this includes shrimp, lobster and tank fish like groupers, trout, mackerel and sardines.
 Islands such a Hawaii and Vancouver Island, PEI, Haiti, should make it a project to grow fish to let go into the seas or sell to other countries to put into their lakes.
The more we throw back, the more there will be for every one to share.

We elect people to our government, and then spend time in courts judging them, when we should be
electing people who know what they are doing and who truly cares about our country.
Are there fishermen in our government, doing the right thing for our fish?

And why do we need ALLLLLLLL our beef to come from the same plant and not from the areas they are
raised in, so people know what they are eating. Or chickens and eggs and milk for that matter.

People get sick with cancer, parkinsons etc... and no one can measure why? Maybe if we kept things separate, we would know why? Why people from some areas have more sickness than others because of the local food they eat and water they drink and air they breath?

Seems people allow things to be done without fighting harder for the rights to jobs which really should be kept local. Then we don't have to sit worrying every day about who will be let go when and who will die where and when.



Sandy Carlson said...

You have me smiling in agreement. We all like nice things and pretty things. I think we all crav.e honest feeling and gentleness. Doilies capture that

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Sandy. I agree.:)