Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Batters' Beating.

The Batters' Beating

Into the Dawn of Night
Rides the Batter on a wave of light
That streams in on a
Moonlights' beam and
Sinks its' teeth into shore lines' seams.

The Batter beats the coast
with snaps and curls and whirls.
He foams with swooshing sputters
Till he's done abusing shores.

And when the sun awakens
We see the shores so full
With spoils and all the treasures
The Batter left behind
A Lady's Life
Love is a fart
Of every heart:
It pains a man when tis
 kept close,
And others doth offend, when tis let loose.

Eternity is a terrible thought.
I mean. When is it all going to end?
Taine Hippolyte 1828 - 1893
There are 4 varieties in society.
the lovers
the ambitious
and the fools.
The fools are the happiest.
It is an extremely hot and humid day today.
I thank God the fans are doing their job.



Rick Watson said...

You've provided a lot of food for thought girlfren.

A Lady's Life said...

Just havin fun Rick lol