Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Global Warming or Global Shifting

This video with Charlton Heston for tells of another age when man apparently was very advanced
and then suddenly the Earths temperature changed so quickly so as to destroy all evidence of this intelligence as well as man's existence.
The City of the Lost Atlantis maybe be under miles of snow in the Ant arctic.
Man lived along side with dinosaurs.
Man never thinks that maybe all he knows can be destroyed in moments, thus rendering him
with no survival skills and to have to begin again from scratch.
We know we rely on technology today a lot more than we should.

Einstein agreed with some of the proof discoveries, of a planetary shift , because polar ice caps have become so heavy they force the planet to shift. Maybe our planet is shifting right now and this is why we have so much melting in some areas and winters in tropical areas like we find happening in areas like Florida.
The discovery of frozen wooly mammoths in Siberia with fresh flowers in their stomachs, signifies something
unthinkable. These animals froze very quickly while chewing on flowers which require warmth to grow.
Furthermore deep caves were found where 20,000 people and animals were housed in underground cities.
No one knows how these cities could have been constructed without knowledge as to how to do this so far underground.

Interesting how our scientists and archeologists are kept silent and told not to disclose their findings because it contradicts what beliefs people are raised with, Like Darwin and the search for the missing link between man and beast.
Very interesting video.



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