Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bear Crabbing

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This was a photo given to me by my cousin and his wife,
who went up to Port Alberni, BC for the sight seeing tour.
They came back so delighted to have been able to see a lot of bears,
a hump back whale , dolphins and other wild life, otherwise
unseen by human eyes.
Peanut was rolling huge rocks with such ease, to look for crabs.
When he found one he'd stand and crackle munch away lol
I asked my cousins why the bear was two toned and they said it's because
he isn't full grown and his fur will eventually all turn black.
Well, this girl learned something today lol
He sure is cute!
I could give him a great big Bear hug.
My cousins have a fondness for bears and especially for our special rescue bear Boo
up in the interior, Golden area .

Every year they go up to check on him to see how he's doing.
Every one is cheering for Boo
and wish him the best of luck .
There are many bears by Crystal Lake, who aren't so lucky.
A bear, the size of Peanut, could jump 6 feet ,if need be, to climb a hill, with the greatest of ease, making us poor human creatures, look quite ridiculous trying to get away.
If only wild animals could be domesticated, like we do our dogs.
I am sure every one would love to have one of these guys to play with at home.
Large, cuddly, fun to watch and boy ...who'd mess with a bear in your yard.
No one in his right mind. lol

Well I guess we just have to make do with watching them from a distance and try to make life easier for them to survive.


SandyCarlson said...

Anything that leaves us with a deeper respect for the natural world has me grateful. We are a part of this picture. May we see how.

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy we have so much to be respectful for here in BC.

Rob-bear said...

I've been telling you all along how cute and wonderful we bears are. You've finally caught on! This is good news.

But I refuse to be domesticated. (People have trying that on me for years!)

Love the pictures. Those two are really Bearing up quite nicely! (Peanut and Boo are both cousins of mine.)

A Lady's Life said...

Rob Bear - I always told you I loved you (bear) lol
I never like to see animals hurt and this is why I don't like hunting season.But I guess if it's for a good cause or self defense.... people die too