Friday, August 3, 2012


Today is a slow day.
Nothing to do but hang around
Watch the traffic going by.
I got Chili from Costco and it is soo good
Smells like home made.
I made some butter chicken and rice for my son.
I also got some grapefruit cups from Costco.
They are soo good and I am in the mood for grapefruit.
Was a time we looked for it and it was not to be found anywhere.
Costco was not very crowded so we enjoyed shopping there.
I had this craving for a Polish dog.
So my son and I ordered 2 dogs one fry and two cokes with refills
It came to 5 dollars.
Even McDonalds doesn't sell for that price anymore but they raised the
membership fees to 55 dollars.
I remember when they were 35 and even then couldn't figure out why it was so expensive to join.
The workers who work there, don't remember the fees being 35 dollars.
They looked it up and said : That was 6 years ago.
They said it as if this was a millenium ago and like that made a difference. lol

My son has a heat rash on his body from Soccer.
Apparently it's because the sweat doesn't come out.
I read he needs benadryl, no hot showers, and to use cornstarch powder.
His  body needs to be kept on
I think he should not be eating spices either but he loves spicy food.
They say not to put any cremes, which will clog the pores.

I wiped him down with alcohol and then put the cornstarch baby powder.
It smells so good I put some on me too. lol
He woke up so now I have to do the drill again.
The doctor gave him pills twice for this condition but
they don't seem to help and come back.

Like the Moose on top, I feel like doing some mischief to enlighten my day.
What to do....
What to do.....
Floors, dishes, fry fish for supper, yard work.....
Doesn't sound enlightening so far. lol

I got the dogs pig ears to chew on.
The little dog collected them all and put them in a pile.
She sits watching her pile of pig ears like a hawk.
I tried giving Beau another one and she chased him away.
He doesn't even want to smell them.
He knows they are not for him because of this girl but she isn't chewing them either.
He is 10 times her size with huge paws and yet he doesn't want to bother with her.
It's a MAD MAD MAD World.

Have a good one


Gattina said...

You eat dogs with fry ??? I think you will get into troubles with the animal protection and dog owners ! lol !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - between pig ears dogs and boobies, people have much to laugh about lol

George said...

If you feel like the moose in your photo, people are going to have to keep an eye on you.

A Lady's Life said...

George - Nice to be frisky.:)
I think once in a while, you should make people watch you instead of the other way round. lol