Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Trials in Paradise.

This is such a beautiful sad song.
Had to put it into my blog.

Wandering through the country side, one can't help but feel the freedom between
the leaves , grass and water.
 One can't help but feel the power of the sun upon ones' bones.
You reach out to embrace it into yourself and make it a part of you.
You see people all around feeling the same things.
Some stand in the water smoking pot quietly.
Pot, a plant natural to the planet, to be used for good or evil.
You walk away.
You see children, in new bathing suits, equipped with floating devices,
laughing and screaming to get more of the water and less of the stones underneath.
They want their Mommies and Daddies to be there with them,
 as they explore this new world they were born into.

To a child, there are no limits. Nothing too deep. Nothing too hot. Nothing too far away.
They reach the pretty flowers and pick them to smell, taste, examine and pull the petals off one by one.
Everything is there to touch, feel, taste and learn to walk over.
There are no borders or prices to be paid.
The life of a child, angers over a parent saying: No!
 Trying to keep it safe is not logical, to a mind
born to be free and safe in paradise.
A parent is seen to relent after the child makes a big to do, saying:
 NO! I am doing it myself!
Oh wilful child, that will not relent until it burns a finger, or gets cut by a blade of grass, or falls down
on a rock to scrape a knee.
You smile, envying the simple, restricted freedom children have, only to grow up into a world so complex
and unfree in freedoms' name.

We take this planet, cut it up into pieces and borders. We build things it doesn't want. We destroy it
through pollution, politics, religion, based on a sense of self and power we believe belongs to us because we worked for it, disregarding what the planet wants and what the planet worked to achieve in itself.
People fight for different reasons or maybe the same reasons, never once thinking that when the planet rebels, it is also because it wants the same things.
Only the planet has the right of say, to what it feeds and gives life to.
Only the planet decides who lives and who dies and only the planet can humble life walking
on its' surface or in its' depths.

The planet is not governed by money, fame or power and it lives. It survives.
It is........ and it knows it is and it knows one day it shall not be as is but as something other, somewhere other, where it can recollect and begin again.

Man is a creature walking this earth giving himself too much credit.
We have man fighting man under "good cause" pretenses but no fight is, a good cause.

The planet was born free.
The creatures it gives life to, were born free.
Flowers, trees, oceans........all free.
Animals are born free. They grow free, live free and they die free.
They read no books to know who they are born to be.

Only man puts nooses around his neck under the pretext of freedom and all this does is cause enslavement.
 It allows one to be hurt by other men who feel they have the rule of laws to place over another.
You build a house they take it away. You raise a cow they steal it. You plant a garden and they come and collect the food.
They use Laws and rules which are nothing short of being called instruments to say theft is ok. To take another mans self worth is ok. They put it under terms such as Taxes, real estate, industry, government,religion.
Rules and laws, forcing man to accept them, because we are taught to read and write and this makes us superior somehow.
 They make us believe we are better creatures if we allow ourselves to become enslaved freely.
We are hateful evil creatures if we rebel and say NO! Enough is enough!
You can't steal my house, my job, my life, my freedom because you made a law that says you can.

To know how to live free, is to know how to die free as well.

One has only to go out into the woods and embrace the life found there to understand,
 in the beginning, in a time of innocence, in a time of no laws save one,
it was called



....Petty Witter said...

Beautiful stuff. Man does indeed have a lot to answer for.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Petty