Sunday, August 12, 2012

In a Tavern

Mary Hopkins brought tears even to my parents eyes with this song.

Young people who's Dreams were shattered by war and life behind bars because of it,
kept hungry, beaten,
only to be freed and finally given a chance to make their dreams come true.

Some dug in and made it happen, Some spent it in bars wallowing in sorrow.
Some were too far gone to be brought back from the horrors.
Some spent it in both bars and jobs waiting for miracles.
Some sat creating, in thought or writing.
Some as gypsies wandering, searching for something... perhaps answers...purpose...

Age catches up to every one but dreams never fade.
Whether you are young or old, you have desires,
Dreams... timeless in nature and  always alive inside ones' soul.

In the end, every one agrees they lived the life they chose and so
 they never lost, in the journey of life, as they found...
life goes full circle and in it, personal choices were made.
The answers and purpose always lie at the foot of our toes. lol
The journey is to find out how to lift the veil enough to see and understand what we are seeing.
As long as you have life and breath, miracles can and do  happen.
Dreams can and do come true.
Every one has a guardian angel to watch over them and
He guides you in your lifes' journey no matter which road you take.

Some people never see wars or taste hunger or jail but are shattered
by personal experiences. They must learn to resolve their issues.
This is what they were sent here to do. To learn and experience truth.
This especially applies to people who are bullied.
Why one short/fat person and not another?
Why one person of a certain race and not another of the same race?
hmmm It's not hard to see that it is not race or color but something else.
We are here to learn you can't hide behind laws, to continue doing the wrong things you are doing,
 to make people dislike you.

 One never surrenders looking for anwsers or purpose,
until God gently takes one by the hand and delivers one unto himself
to a better world, a better life and a better journey along with all that you have learned.

For the soul, there is no such thing as failure because every one
was sent to this world to gather such experiences.
From the day you are born, the journey from which you are to learn
is laid out before you.



SandyCarlson said...

Your post is a reminder that we should embrace life. Thank you.

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy yes we should embrace life. The good, the bad and the ugly.
It's all here to teach us humbleness because otherwise there is no winner.

Gattina said...

That's a song I know very well from when I was a young girl but at that time I didn't understand the words. Now it was very interesting to read what she sang ! Very touching text !

Akelamalu said...

Wonderful post!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Gattina

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Akelamalu