Friday, August 24, 2012

Abortion Hoopla

This is such a tiresome issue because it's been going on for ages.

If a woman is to be considered truly free as a person and human being,
no one can tell her what to do with her body.

Personally, I don't like abortion, especially if it's done later when
the baby can be saved to live a normal life .
That for me, would be a cold and cruel act to do.
 I think women should get pregnant only if they will love the baby they
put into this world.
Children truly are a blessing.
I love them.
I love the world they live in.
I love their smiles and giggles and even what makes them cry.
I love to watch how they discover the world.
I am a Mother.
 I love being a Mother and I recommend it to every woman.
 But to be a good Mother requires stability, to be able to enjoy your child
and for your child to enjoy you.
Day care is not a solution because you miss out on the greatest privilege and reward
of watching your own child grow.
You have to be able to be there to correct mistakes as they happen.
To be a Mother IS a job.
Not only to take care of an infant but also to sacrifice your own time.
Men play a similar role to raise an infant but they don't have to be there all the time.
 Their reward is to come home to a family who is safe and loves them and waits for them
every moment of the day.
A man becomes a beloved also self sacrificing for the love of family and country.

I love home based businesses for women since
 they can multitask and make a few bucks keeping their sanity. lol
Government, has a place in business but not in the personal aspects of a persons life.
The thing about social help, is it makes everything governments business even
the decision to live or die.
They pay, so they own you.
It's quite different from saying we pay you taxes so we own you (the government). lol
Something goes hay wire after government receives the tax money.
They'll spend on war faster than they will spend on trying to keep you alive.
It becomes a different animal, with a sense of entitlement.
Sacrifice one, to save a million type of thing.
They'll abort you in a blink of an eye, legally because no one will question them about it.
Ask any soldier.
People running the government, have personal feelings about issues but they are not elected
to make their personal feelings rule a country.
So these questions like, how do you feel about abortion, is not a question that should be asked.
You are asking a person if he is capable of killing.
My answer would be no, irrespective of how I feel as a woman .
As a woman I feel every one has the capability to kill if it's a question of survival.
Every woman who has ever been pregnant understands what that means.
Pregnancy should be a welcome thing, not an issue of entrapment.
To say no to abortion, is entrapping a person, putting her in a cage for loving and feeling love.
Desperation leads to doing desperate things.
We all need love and support but the few bucks they send your way doesn't fill the void.

We should keep intimate love safe because we all know what it results in.
It results in something bigger than ourselves and if we are not ready,
 then instead of making one mistake, we make two and then three and so on.

Government is there for all the people and laws have to be made the same for all the people.
We ensure the people we can provide the best representation for them with a heterogeneous
society such as we have.
 Abortion, however, is a personal private issue and involves only the person and her doctor.
What would a law do?
Put a woman in jail? Stone her? Hang her?
Then all women would be jailed or dead.
Those days are over.
A sad woman would not make a good Mother, so why force her to be?
Men are not allowed to control a woman's body via laws and
women, as men, answer only to God.
God being merciful, forgives, because he wants to see learning take place,
Maturity, understanding.
We were sent here to make all our mistakes so as to learn from them.
The old saying applies:
You either learn the easy way or the hard way, but in the end, you learn.

Men should grow up and control themselves .
No means no ,
and yes
Rape is rape.

I am amazed so much time is lost discussing these issues instead of the economy.
The first priority is to be able to put food on the table and a roof over your head.
We look at the suffering in Africa.
We've been watching since the day I was born,
 so many dead/dying babies living in dirt, covered with flies.
You have to ask why?
You do the Christian thing and help raise these children but they are raised in poverty
and live in poverty and watch their own children die and then become rebels.
They lose the ability to love fellow man but not the intimacy and thus control over women.
So to save herself, cannot a woman say no?
Does she need to put a life into this world to suffer and die?
She can but.... she should also have the right to say no.
Why shouldn't you tell an Easter egg a joke?
It might crack up!

What is a baby bee?
  A little humbug.

 What did the mummy snake say to the crying baby snake?
  Stop crying and viper your nose.

Why was the baby strawberry upset?
His mom and dad were in a jam.

   A mother took her five-year-old son with her to the bank on a busy Friday. They got into line behind an overweight woman wearing a business suit, complete with pager. As the mother waited patiently, the boy looked at the woman in front and observed loudly: "She's fat."
      The big woman turned around immediately and glared at the child, causing the embarrassed mother to reprimand him quietly.
      However, a minute later, the unrepentant boy spread his hands as far as they would go and said loudly: "I bet her butt is that wide!" Again, the woman turned and gave him a withering look, forcing the mother to give him a stricter telling off.
      But a couple of minutes later the boy stated loudly: "Look how the fat hangs over her belt!" The woman turned and told the mother in no uncertain terms that she ought to teach her son some manners. The mother responded by issuing threats if he did not behave himself. The boy promised to keep quiet.
      Three minutes later, the large woman got to the front of the queue but just as she did so, her pager began to emit its distinctive tone. The boy could not help himself. "Run for your life, mom!" he yelled in panic. "She's backing up!"

Kids ! :)


Diane said...

I'm with you on the abortion/government debacle. But why doesn't anyone ever mention adoption? The pregnant woman, who doesn't want to have a baby, shouldn't have to be forced to have said baby. But what about her other option? Adoption. Yes, that would mean that she would have to be inconvenienced for a few months longer. But it also means that the baby would survive. Just putting that out there . . .

A Lady's Life said...

Of course.Diane This is why I say if you have one, have it the day after. Don't wait till the baby is 4-5-6 months cause then it's too late.This is why abstinence is the best policy.If you have to have sex that bad, get married, because you know what the result will be and now they say the older a male sperm is, the more chance there is of a baby being born with autism. Do you think this is why we have so many autistic children today?
So it's not just the womans' eggs being old. lol

George said...

This is one of the most thoughtful, well-reasoned piece on abortion that I've read. Very well done.

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you George:)

Gattina said...

Not all women have mother feelings ! They should be free to decide if they want to keep and raise a baby or not. It's always the child who pays the bill, they are beaten, neglected, sometimes even killed they grow up without love pushed around, how many criminals had an awful childhood ?

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina So true. A child should be wanted. I also know women who give their children away and then anguish over it their whole lives. So sad.

....Petty Witter said...

A truly emotional subject, I'm glad you saw fit to put across both sides of the debate.

A Lady's Life said...

Petty - abortions are not a solution all the time
It's not recommended to have them because they might make it difficult to get pregnant if you ever decide to want a baby.But I feel women should not be denied them once they make a decision to have one.
It's never an easy decision.
Government should not be involved in this decision.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Very well thought out discussion of a very difficult, emotional subject. I agree whole-heartedly that women should have a choice even though personally I'm not sure I could ever had made such a choice myself.

A Lady's Life said...

Dr Kathy - I had to because I did not feel pregnant. The doctor eventually said well there is no heart beat so she ok'd it.
You don't need trouble in times like this.If you are to raise a child, you want it healthy.Now they say the older a man is the more chances there is of a child being born with autism. So add to it old eggs and there you go.We have a future generation unable to think or live proper lives.
People use drugs not to have children and then when they do want them...So now they suggest to freeze eggs and sperm while its young for later.This now is leading into a society whereby people will not raise children, away from traditional families.
The more children are raised without the love of a Mom and Dad the more they will have no need of it but what a loss not to have experienced the love of a family.