Thursday, August 30, 2012

Move Over Cher

I have no idea what they are singing but they sure sound good .

Move over Cher. The real women of the world, are taking over lol
These are the Buranovskiye Babushki Singers.
Grannies from a place called Udmurtia, a republic between Kama and Vyatka
(where the heck is this?)

They look so cute in their costumes and begin their spectacle by putting bread into an oven.
The same kind of oven old people used to have beds over, to keep warm in the olden days.

The Koreans had the same idea except they had pipes under the floor boards gathering the heat from the fireplace.

The oldest singer here is 76 years old.
They won 3rd place in the Russian Eurovision qualifying contest in 2010
and beat Dima Bilan, a former Eurovision winner.

All I can ask is, where are all our grandmothers?
Time to pull them out of senior citizens homes,
dust them off and let them,
 let it all hang

I used to work as a student, in an old folks home and boy,
 I know these old people still have a lot
to give and share with the world and communities.
They would certainly enjoy doing it too.
One thing for sure, if they don't melt you with the songs,
 they will melt your heart with their sweet smiles.
It takes so little to make an old person happy.
I loved the Republican Convention Speeches yesterday.
They were inspiring especially when they spoke about love of ones country
and family.
 This is the America I know and love.

 I also thought seeing Clint Eastwood was funny
because he led the invisible Obama to believe that he's going to have a huge battle on his hands.
You have to understand Clint is old now and lost his voice. It was nice to see him.
He took the edge off.
You know, with the public cheering for him, it took a lot of his talking time.
He egged the President on....... to make his day and show us what he's got. lol
Unlike some people who think Clint Eastwood is senile, I think he was being cute
and promoting a new film, like most actors do, when they get into their scripts. lol

Sneaky lol
People, get with the program.
Clint Eastwood said in the end after all the egging, it's America that counts.
The people...... who like their independence.
Now why didn't the American reporters understand this?

Sheesh! There are only so many hours in a day. How long did they expect Romney to talk?
There is a time and place for everything. He had to leave something to discuss with
Romneys' speech was more than excellent and he said everything he should have said or was expected of him to say at a Republican Convention.
Romney is putting America back on track pushing for excellence and this is a good road to be on.

America is always about Free Enterprise .
Giving away everything, believing you will get something in return, is not a good way to think.
It didn't work in Russia .Services get worse when  "a pass the buck" government takes over.

 Businesses should be kept small and local so they are easier to control.
At least this is my opinion from Canada.

We worry up here because everything that happens in America, happens here.
Obama cost us many jobs in Canada because we have a lot of American firms here.
Every one is afraid and living in uncertainty, waiting to see what will happen across the border.
Americans are great people, so north of the border, we always wish them well.


George said...

I enjoyed the performance of the 'Grannies'. Thanks for pointing out that we senior citizens still have a lot of talent and energy.

I'm glad you enjoyed last night's convention speeches. I thought they were very good.

A Lady's Life said...

George - Life is for living .Enjoy while you can .