Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pleasant Day

I could use me one of these lol
What a precious dog.
Now that they have one the other will be so much easier to train.


Gattina said...

How much does he ask per hour ? I would hire him immediately, but I think my cats wouldn't agree !

SandyCarlson said...


A Lady's Life said...

Gattina I agree. Isn't he wonderful??
And so happy. Never complains.
I wish we could find such things fun to do lol

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Sandy. I had a little dog that looked like that one but it was a mix. She began to have seizures and I was devastated. With little dogs you have to be careful giving vaccines because they affect them.
You need to wait till they grow bigger and stronger.Mine was a tiny thing when I got her. I loved her so much and she me. Now I named my Tanya in her memory and she is also my greatest love.

A Lady's Life said...

Butterfly - Lovely poem
If only the spirit could be seen and framed.

Diana said...

Simply amazing !! And I thought my two dogs were high energy! And the video was done so well. I love my dogs but it would be nice having such a helpful one, that dog does more than my teens!!
Love Di ♥

A Lady's Life said...

Diana - Can you imagine a dog cleaning up spills?

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina in Brussels they have adder snakes which are poisonous.
I guess you have to go out and look for them.
By my house we also have small garter snakes but they are not poisonous.They sun themselves in the sun on rocks.