Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gods and Monsters


This is an interesting video whereby people found ancient caves with ancient cities, artifacts and libraries leading to a belief in the existence of another people.
So many things we don't know about our own planet while searching the heavens for answers with respect to who we are , where we came from, how  we ended up here?

Goes back to Zoroasterinism , in a religion known as Magianism.
Zoroaster was a prophet otherwise known as Zarathustra, from before the 6th century BCE, from an area
in the eastern part of ancient Greater Iran. This religion believed in an all , uncreated, good creator, Ahura Mazda, who did not promote evil.

A mortal is supposed to participate in the fight between good and evil. The 4th day after death, the soul reunites with the guardian spirit, where its' experiences of life is collected to continue the battle in the spiritual world.

This is an interesting video about civilizations we know nothing about.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did


SandyCarlson said...

You learned me something. Thank you, lady.

A Lady's Life said...

lol Welcome Sandy .
I love to keep being learned.
Every day they come up with something new.
I always keep thinking there has to be more to this story.
Adam and Eve being told stuff from the sky. Commandments being lazered into stone from the sky.
Then the earth changes and things reappear and the story continues to open up.
I am reading about Einstein right now and he agreed with a lot of stuff using measurements, agreeing that the earth changes positions and along with it comes weather change.

BlueShell said...

We may learn a lot...
Thanks, BShell

A Lady's Life said...

welcome blue shell