Tuesday, July 16, 2013



After reading this Wiki story about the Zimmerman/Trayvon
murder trial. I fail to see how this is a racially motivated
Zimmerman is of mixed blood, so he could not be a racist.

Trayvon Martin did not behave like a normal person.
Was he scared?
Did he have a reason to believe he was in danger?

Could be.

Zimmerman is not a police man, as he was accused of being the night he was let go by the mob, in the news reports.
But if the police told him to back off, he should have. Or maybe just followed Trayvon at a safe distance
which maybe he did but then was attacked??? Threatened??? Risked losing his gun to
Trayvon? So ..... an ensuing fight could lead to a gun discharging at close range and someone dying.

Accident and self defense.

This is how mob action and bad behavior ends up, with confusing stories and media frenzy to sell papers.

I know where our police men are concerned, they have dangerous jobs every day.
They don't know what is in the suspects' mind. So when they tell you to do something,
you should do it and be cooperative and then if you have a problem with how you were
 treated, it could be investigated and charges laid against the officers LATER.
You don't fight, cause this could end up with a bullet killing someone.
Policemen are people too, with families.

 I also know we had burglars trying to get into our neighbours houses and we would call the police and follow them to tell the police where they were. Unlike Trayvon, the suspects did not attack anyone. They did try to hide in bushes and the police did not take very long to arrive and were told where they were and arrested.
They were apparently just released from jail the day before.
Had they attacked my husband or myself, there would have been a struggle and it could have ended badly
for us. But we had a German Shepherd who was a great guard and it was this shepherd who
quietly growled to tell us something was not right. He was a great dog , very well behaved, loved kids,
and knew his neighborhood and his people, who belonged and who didn't.
Probably when they saw the dog, they thought ....OOPS!
The dog doesn't have to do anything but sit there. lol

You just never know these days but I know if someone asked me why I was where I was, and I was innocent, I'd tell him.
Unless he got too close and threatened me, I would treat him civilly.

So before people get mad, they have to step back and think to ask what is wrong with this picture?
Two people, both afraid of each other. Both innocent and both guilty.One a visitor. One a neighborhood watch.
One was left alive and one dead.

Again, our society says everything is ok and here is an example everything is NOT ok.
You do not threaten to kill someone. You do not attack any one.
You do not run if there is no reason to run in a gated community, with a neighbourhood watch, where it is relatively safe.

I dont see anything racially motivated here.
This is pure sensationalism at work here.

Teach your children to behave. Work closely with your schools.
Expect politeness from your children. Rights are not something you are born with.
Rights are something you earn as you grow and show yourself to be dependable, responsible,
and leading a clean life.
 Keep your families close, supervised and not on the street.

Tragedies like this should never happen.
Trayvon did not lead a clean life.
 He was young, immature, a fighter, disrespectful, drug user.

You know, if you live as hood, you will die as a hood. Today all the kids think
it is great to be seen as a hood, even if they aren't.
 It's tough to survive out there.

So everything is not ok as we are being told every day. There is a good and a bad
and morals ethics and values can save your life simply by teaching you how to behave.

If I was part of the people upset with this trial, I would not be running around the streets but asking
what can I do, as a person, to make sure our children are safe?
Do I divorce? Run around with other people? Do I do drugs and alcohol, smoke?
Do I beat my wife and kids? Do I use bad language at home? Do I bring home porn?
Do I wear pants below my ass? Do I play with my kids and watch them do homework?
It's easy to blame. It's very hard to admit that maybe this happened because of
how I was raising my child and living my own life.

When I see how hard parents fight for the lives of children born damaged with autism,
schizophrenia, bad hearts, and brain damage, it makes me wonder why they don't fight
with the same fierceness for normal children, with great futures ahead of them?
Are they not worth fighting for??
Or do you fight AFTER they are dead?



Gattina said...

I haven't really followed this Zimmerman case to give an opinion. Murders, crimes, and policemen have always existed but not the media ! To my grandma's time they didn't even know who was murdered in the next village (if there would have been a murder) there was no TV !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina = I think it was better this way.

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Thank you for this post my friend. I and my husband agree with you 100%. The young man @17 years old was NOT an angel to say the least.
He was a trouble maker and did drugs and they also found drugs in his system after his death. Don't get me wrong I believe that Mr. Zimmerman should have NOT followed the young man and let the police come and deal with it and my heart does hurt for this young man's family but they want Mr. Zimmerman guilty to feel better and that is wrong. I watched the trail and heard that the young man had grass stains on his knees and Zimmerman had grass stains on his back.
I don't believe that Zimmerman NOT a racial man at all.
But no one wins Zimmerman's life is changed forever and there is a young man that is gone and can't come back.
It is sad all around.
I stand by what I think and I think that Zimmerman was innocent and the jury did their job.

Summer Blessings friend,
Tricia XO

A Lady's Life said...

I agree Tricia
He should have stayed further away and waited for the police to come.

But he didn't and was attacked and so this is what happens.