Friday, July 12, 2013

Penalty for Sin Is Death.

Yesterday Jehovah Witnesses came to our door and left literature.
Even the dogs didn't bark.

So I read it and it was quite good (cause I agreed with it lol)

The first thing it said was that man believes he will establish the Kingdom of God
on earth by either converting others to his faith or by working for world peace and brother hood.
Daniel 2:44
 God - not man, sets up the kingdom.
Matthew 4;17
Humans do not bring Gods' Kingdom and they cannot disrupt its' affairs, since it will rule over the earth
from heaven

Gods' Kingdom is a real government

In Mathew 10:8 Jesus said you receive free so you must give free.
In religion there should be no money exchanged.
Paul worked to support himself and preached in his spare time.

So any religion that solicits money is not speaking for God.
Any religion that promotes war is not speaking for God.

Re: war: Thou shalt not kill
The idea was that the love for your neighbor would be extraordinary
no matter who he was
and that you would rather die for each other than take a life from others.

When I see people yelling and screaming that others will burn in hell
if they don't follow their religion, I say, what you wish to others,
 will happen to you. God wants you to come of your own free will
and not because you are threatened.

If for example, like in a recent video I saw, a young British  woman
argued with protesterswho were against the British Government.
A face covered woman told her she was naked and will burn in hell.

The British girl was wearing normal clothing. But what if she were naked?
Sin is in the eye of the beholder.
If you see sin, then the sin is in you.

Man is born naked and beautiful. There is nothing wrong with the naked body.
If you cover up, especially in 100 degree heat, it is because of the people around you who lust and feel they can abuse your body whenever they want to. So you cover up so they don't desire you.
But lust is a sin.
 To not be sinful one must be able to look at a naked body and not be affected by it.
Men kill women saying it is they who sin showing their faces and bodies when in fact it is men
who are the sinful ones. In a loving religion, one is not punished for being oneself or forced into marriage,
or forced to have children.

Also they spoke about death.? Why do we die? The answer was, we die because we carry
Adam's sin in us.The penalty for Adams' sin is aging and death.
 We do not live in Gods' kingdom where there is no death or sickness or war.

They spoke on Justice and said you can never have Justice if laws are not accompanied by Gods'
I agree with that.What kind of laws represent man, if they don't stand for the 10 Commandments.
Our laws are not just. They follow plain words on a piece of paper without taking the full context of the situation. Contract laws are the worst. Used to be a mans' word or handshake was worth more than any piece of paper.
Judges know it and no one does anything about it.
People lie and contracts are written up to deceive because they are written up with
ulterior motives.
This makes them null and void because there is no disclosure of the real motives behind the paper.

The Penalty for Sin is Death. No one on this planet escapes death.
So how can we judge another man?



Gattina said...

I am so sorry for the poor God and Allah and Jehova and whatever they are called. How can they manage all this prayers for peace when people fight against each other for him ? Even between catholics and protestants there is war. Mr. G had to pay 2 $ in 1969 for the permission to marry a protestant (me) he is catholic ! Or rather was.

Magia da Inês said...

Olá, amiga!

Passei porque estava com saudade do seu blog.
Só sei de uma coisa: Deus é um imenso amor que nós, pobres seres humanos, não entendemos... porque somos tão falhos!!!!

Bom fim de semana·..¸彡
♪♫° Beijinhos·..°♡♡
°❤❤ Brasil✿✿·..

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina I know.Here it is the same.
Maybe now they changed cause not many go to church any more lol
But stuff is written in the Bible and when you live life you can relate to it.
Basic understanding is required if not for religions' sake then as history and children should have some education in it but not to go bananas over it like some people do.
Otherwise we pass meaningless laws people won't listen to . Like for example the drug laws. Why should there be pressure to pass those?
Do people not see it is wrong?
Why don't they see or even care that many people will get hurt because of them esp kids who always have their hands into everything first because they feel indestructible.

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you magia I agree.

Lorna said...

I wrote a comment but lost it when I had to type the words and sign in again. The computer refused my password!

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you lorna lol I was thinking about you the other day .

Akelamalu said...

The only sure thing in life is death.

A Lady's Life said...

Yes Akelamalu .As far as we know.Some people put themselves into a freezing state and when they can cure them they will try to revive them.
Also they are saying they will be able to transplant heads pretty soon.
They just have to figure out what to do with the nerves so a person is not a paraplegic.
Once they find out why people age, this might be cured as well.