Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mountain Rides.

The gondola ride up the mountain in Whistler, BC is a beautiful ride to take.
You get to see so much beauty you would not otherwise see.
The streets are packed with people, bike riders, thrill seekers, and music fills the air.

The snow is still up there. Good for an ol fashioned snow ball fight.
Might find a few bears up there too so staying high in the air,
 is a good thing. lol

Down here we just get to watch Mt Baker in Washington State
and the rolling mountains of the valley we are surrounded by.
 Nothing so close to feel
 the freshness of the air as you go higher up.
It is always full of snow and beautiful to behold.

Change is always good to behold.

People know how to enjoy life while they can.
 Can't get enough of warm sunshine because  it's not here for long.
Before too long the skies will again be overcast and we will have nothing but rain
and more rain.

We got another straw berry plant since the first two are giving so many berries.
Two pepper plant left overs we have to transplant into bigger pots and a
Purple Day lily which I seem to be very fond of and can keep indoors.
Who knows maybe it will flower again.
I will try to find chives to keep in a pot so when we need some for salad they are always there to snip.
We are a little late in the finding of things lol
But plants are just as much trouble as pets.
|You need to be there to care for them. Feed them. Talk to them.
The black berries will soon be there to collect outside.

I fill the bath tub with water and put plants in there
 if I know we have to leave for a week.
smaller plastic tubs are good too.
Easier that way knowing they won't be suffering.
Plants are grateful and suck it all up in a week.

Have a great Sunday folks.



A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

LOVE the picture.

Have a very happy Sunday. Praying that all day was good and you have a delightful evening with your family.

Above all, love one another deeply

Love you,

Margie said...

Sounds like you have a thriving garden.
I love strawberries , we have raspberries !

Happy Sunday :)

A Lady's Life said...

Butterfly We had a wonderful day.
We transplanted our herbs and flowers into bigger pots. I will have fresh herbs in winter now.
My hydrangea let out a beautiful flower. I was so excited. I didnt know I had hydrangeas in pots so they went into big pots.I trimmed my rose bush leaving more energy for the new buds to open I have chives now which grow all year long and garlic chives I never knew those existed. lol I still have seeds to plant but ran out of soil.
Tomorrow we will hopefully finish with the plants.They are a lot of fun to work with. My husband finds soil icky but he enjoyed watering and giving orders as to how things should be done lol Then he washed the area I dirtied up and did the BBQ. We had a great day.
It's nice to have a pot garden to look at and it can all go indoors in winter.

A Lady's Life said...

Margie I love my pot garden. It is easier and nicer to care for plants in pots. I know when to feed them and they get watered every day at the same time. They bring in lots of color, nice smells esp the herbs, and it feels like you are in a small forest right in your house.
I can't wait to use them for cooking . Fresh herbs are soo good to cook with.