Thursday, July 11, 2013

Guns Guns and More Guns.

I really hate guns for many reasons. I don't like shooting animals and watching them suffer dying.
Unless I had to, I would never use one.

We do have a pellet gun to scare away raccoons but they don't seem bothered by it at all.
Their coats protect them from the pellet so it's more of a toy than a gun.
Just enough to shoot your own eye out lol

So if police come to my house to take my pellet gun, apart from the "you can't do that " part.
I probably wouldn't care.
In the above video, if the doors are locked, would not the police be given skeleton keys to open them if they wanted entry?
Why break locks? They didn't actually show them doing that .

People are concerned when police take weapons from homes, like after a natural disaster.

Well if they can do it, so could vandals who would come at night and you wouldn't want to be charged and put in jail just because some one else stole your gun and used it to kill someone, leaving only your prints and DNA on the weapon.
This is what usually happens when innocent people get into trouble.

In Alberta there are many farms, people do not have close neighbours,
so one can see why guns would be needed. Also hunting is a sport many like.
 In Ontario you have ads on store walls saying buy your bear hunting licenses here,
 Duck/deer/ licenses- buy them here.
Guns and them here.
It's not something you see everywhere plastered on public walls.
Here you just see ads to get your fishing and crab licenses and boat lessons.
Even then you have to look for them.

You probably would have to go up north for the other stuff.

So, does it bother me police take guns from people in times of natural disasters? No.
It bothers me more that they break doors to get in but then what's the diff.
With so much damage, the insurance will pay to have it fixed.
The whole thing is a disaster.

I think it would be more bothersome to know someone, other than a policeman, broke my door and
 grabbed my gun which then could be used against me. Even when there are no natural disasters,
people could break into your home and help themselves and use your weapons against you.
That's basically why they come in, because they know they can.

The people who break into homes while you are home, are even scarier because they
know what they came for to do and they don't want you talking.
By the time you get to your secure gun, it's all over for you.

So it's nice to talk about civil rights but hey, if they give the guns back, then what's the beef?
You were not there and didn't need them anyway.

The man in the video said: We were not flooded here.
Ok, so then it's easier for a burglar to break into your home while all the police
are down below busy with floods and rescue.
The bad guy always looks for opportune moments to do bad things.
I'd have a sign on my door next time: Gone Fishin.  NO GUNS HERE .lol
In todays' world, the police don't need your guns to oppress or kill you.
The TV shows they show, are just for entertainment.

Look at what they do in Arab countries today. Look at the train derailments
and airplane crashes, and blowing up of chemical plants, 9/11.
Oppressing police would go for the numbers.
The bad guy goes for the big numbers and the bad guy could one day, even be you.
It just takes one bad night to flip out and go out on a rampage and if you happen to have a gun nearby,
the thought will always be take it with you.

So if the police works for you, then say thank you and be friends.
It's not all 100%
Why does everything always have to be a bad thing?

Trouble is, people don't see the government working for the electorate any more.
They bring in outsiders who then buy everything out and then run things.

Foreigners like nice clean things.
So they come and push you out.
Mean while you stay poor because you try to keep
business out and thus jobs, which destroys nice clean things, only to find you will never be
 allowed to stay and enjoy it.
You keep a healthy environment for the citizens of this country to enjoy,
not to then have your home used against you, by people who have more money made
in other less clean countries, with the jobs,
who come in and push you out.
 You can dirty your own country yourself, have jobs,
keep your own money and then be left alone by foreigners, to live in your own cheap home.
Doesn't seem right otherwise, does it?

So folks keep their guns and civil rights become important issues.
A mans' home is his castle and he should be allowed to stay there, instead of
forced to run around like a gypsy, because someone wants the property and made laws to ensure
it cannot be kept.
That's an example of legal fraud.

So guns.. love em hate em, doesn't matter. We will always have them.



♥ vendy ♥ said...

it's true...really great post dear
happy day

A Lady's Life said...

thanks vendy you too.

Gattina said...

Owning a gun is strictly forbidden in Belgium. Even policemen have to leave their guns in the police station before they go home.

You make me think of the little 5 year old boy I met yesterday in a shop. He was holding a waterpistol in his hands and asked his grandma "Can I kill people with this gun ?"

George said...

We live in a rural area where hunting is very popular. We often see pickup trucks with gun racks over the back window.

A Lady's Life said...

Our police have tazers I think and guns.Gattina and hunting is also popular.Farmers all have guns to shoot wolves and other predators who attack their sheep and cows.

A Lady's Life said...

Gosh George. We never see that here.
I think if I lived in the woods I'd have a rifle or two myself.
My Dad had one so I know how to shoot but I don't like killing.
I rather watch life live. It is so beautiful.
My Dad was robbed and the rifle went too.

Rick Watson said...

Guns are a touchy topic around here. Passions run high in the south and any politician that suggested gun control would quickly find himself unemployed.

Sandy Carlson said...

Guns around here are part of a political conversation, which is somehow ridiculous. The recalcitrant gun-toting element celebrate imaginary virtues and call it tradition--as if tradition in and of itself were a virtue.

A Lady's Life said...

Rick there is no reason not to have them just not machine guns

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy I think movies and drugs are more dangerous than guns.A crazed person may not have a gun but will do something worse.The bad guy will find a gun and the good guys are punished for nothing for keeping them.There is no solution to this.Here they are registered so police know which houses to visit in times of disaster situation.