Tuesday, July 2, 2013

To Be or Not To Be

I often wondered about Shakespeares' MacBeth story.
Many say it is cursed.
According to history books King MacBeth was killed in Glascow ,
England in 1057 by King Malcolm 111 Canmore.

Shakespeare used the Holinshed Chronicles, which was a popular history book back then.
It foretold of powerful, manipulative women which Lady MacBeth was.
It spoke of a man named Donwald, whose wife pressured him to kill  King Duff,
because he killed many of his family members for dealing with witches.

Shakespeare wrote the play about it and used real witches' incantations
which angered the witches, who then cursed the play.
If you act in the play, you can never mention the play by name
or face dire consequences.
We often talk about the good old days but don't realize how regulated
and disciplined it was back then.

Every class of worker had a certain maximum wage and hours he could work.
People had separate kind of clothing fabric, they were allowed to wear,
to separate Dukes from gentlemen and common people.
Dinner courses were regulated. Not every one could go into a restaurant
and order an 8 course meal. Not every one could play every game they wanted to.
You could not celebrate certain fast days with no meat or eggs.
If you had to fast, you had to.

Sicknesses like the Black Death in 1348, could come along like it did in
 Western Europe and parts of England and kill up to 1/3  to half the population
at any time.
Even the tale of London Bridge from 1176, has a song mentioning a certain lady lea.

London bridge is falling down
How shall we build it up again
Build it up with silver and gold
Dance over my lady lea.......

That's cause they walled up a young virgin girl into one of the pillars holding up the bridge
 alive, to prevent storms and floods from destroying the bridge. After some 600
years they had to rebuild it so big ships could go through.

The changes Islam is going through today in 2013,the Catholic Church went through
in the 16th and 17th centuries. In those days people listened to Church authority
because no one understood the Bible but once it was translated into English, the Catholic
Church thought people would follow the Bible instead of them,
so they burned the translated Bibles.

Recently I watched a documentary on Henry the 8th where they spoke of a handsome man
and royal court full of young happy people. They tried to match the man with the beautiful
rooms he built for his many wives.(He did end up with a son Edward, from one wife)
When Henry was denied the right to divorce,
he left the Pope and became the head of the Church of England.
Anyone who disagreed was hanged, drawn and quartered as a traitor.
This meant he was first hanged and then cut down while still alive, castrated,
 disemboweled and his hanging entrails burned, while the person was still alive and then
the head was cut off.
Protestants were just burned at the stake.

 Times have changed a lot since then but in some countries time has stood still and
people are indoctrinated and still unable to read their religious books in a language they can understand. There is still a lot of violence by a Prophet whose name cannot be mentioned and yet
every person you meet wears his name.
When it comes to womens' rights and being able to live the way you want to , marry who you want,
decide how many children you will have,
having your own opinions to issues and things and even rights to an education and
 partaking in sports, it's still a man's world. Men fear women.

In some countries losing a soccer game could mean a jail sentence when you get home or even death.

Free countries, who feel this is wrong, especially since these people come to their countries to live,
try to make them see the light but it is hard when they live, controlled by the Mother country.

If the Mother country controls the person who left, then there is no reason to leave the
 Mother country. The reason to leave a Medieval country is to learn and grow and change for the better,
not go back to the days of Shakespeares' MacBeth.

Unfortunately we can't take freedom for granted. It is always something to fight for because it is easier to lose it than to obtain it.
We have only to look at Egypt and Afghanistan, Iran and many places in Africa, how backward all
our lives can become. It might still happen as we depend more on internet and machines than our own brains when it comes to science and math.
Today people say North America is declining.
I say NO.
 It can decline if we keep listening to every one.
North America is the greatest continent on this planet because of the freedom it gives its' people.
Our only enemy, is dictatorship .
This is more important to teach our young in schools than sex.

Snowden should open up his eyes as so should every person who believes otherwise.
Charity begins at home. Love begins at home.
We need to care for our own people and obtain strength, not from Mandela,
but from the strong history books telling us of how we won this country, slowly, piece by piece, through blood sweat and tears.
We should be proud of our legacy and stand united as Canadians and Americans and forget petty bickering
separating us as a people and as a nation.
This includes American Indians who are enjoying the best of both worlds.
Otherwise, we have a lot to lose and our children will live as slaves to foreign interests.

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and he lives right next door.

Have a good one.


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George said...

This is a very interesting post. I agree with you about North America. We do need to be vigilant about our freedoms.

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History repeats itself and it is always because we take things for granted.