Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Kraft a Day

(click to enlarge)

These are fun to make and being small  (6" - 8" diameter)  you can
make quite a few with one roll of cotton thread
( which is not that cheap these days.)

You can buy them for a dollar in larger sizes at the dollar store but it's hardly
the same thing.
These are original, not mass produced by a machine.

They are also thicker and look pretty on a coffee table.
They remind me of snow flakes cause there is not one the same.

I always find nature to be soooo brilliant in how many ways it finds to arrange things.

In Quebec, I would look forward to looking at my windows in winter, to see what
painting Jack Frost drew on them.
They were usually leaves swirling all around, reminding me of how
everything changes from moment to moment.
And so we look at life, wondering why everything changes?

Well it has to change because nature changes, seasons change,
people change. Nothing ever stays as it is.
(except these doilies. lol)



Mama Zen said...

Those are pretty!

A Lady's Life said...

Thank Mama Zen Had fun making them.