Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ivory Queen

She stands in the window on  Black Swans' wings
Behind her a wilderness of black shade and greens and
Sounds of  chickadees and fluttering wings.

She stands before it, an Ivory Queen,
 In silence she gazes alone and serene.
 Each delicate petal, the sun pierces through
Transforming her into uniqueness so true.

 The sensual dewdrops drink to her health
They run over thorns so sharp and sleek
You run the risk, they warn as they smile
But even thorns are not answers, to those inclined.

To admire, is to kill the object of your admiration.
All mankind loves, he destroys and plunders
 For he sees beauty to possess
Which wilts the soul of the spirit inside.

The shade and secrets of the black forest wild,
Filled with the grace of a chickadees' sighs,
Stand quietly back, to observe her distress,
In a black swan, she accepts, no regrets.

They see her cut and torn yet divine
Seeing life, for a very short time .
Tweeting, fluttering  in soft warm breezes
They come to her lovingly, caressing her feelings.

They send her stories and scents in the wind,
To absorb and enrich her desperate soul .
In life and death she will stay, desired, loved
Sought for sachets and pressed in memory books

Weeping,she seeks in the shade of the wild ,
 Refuge, protection like an innocent child

She pleads for the life and virtue aside
For new buds, salvation, from admiring eyes,
So their spirit lives and flowers and blooms
So they enjoy a life, that they so deserve.

They will not be bled or cut or shorn
 They will die in dignity, with petals intact.
 The Ivory Queen is remembered today
As a flower who lived outside the black swan.

A Ladys' Life.



George said...

This is a beautiful poem. You paint a beautiful word picture.

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you George
It is a picture I see through my window. I dislike cutting flowers lol