Friday, July 5, 2013

The Truf and Nothin but the Truf

White roses for a blue lady??
White roses symbolizing pure love?
Beautiful white flowers from a tender heart.
An offering so simple,open, and full of trust.

Ladies receive them, admire them and the
sweethearts from whom they come from.
They are always a surprise and lift the spirit
even in the darkest of nights.

There are many ways to uplift the spirit and I have to say
that  young people today are very lucky because they
are being educated to understand, that the world is theirs
to conquer. No more waiting for the Knight in shining armour
to rescue you from the dragon.
Today you take the sword and tackle him yourself
and find out that he was just a cartoon character all along.
A paper tiger.
 The young are free to venture forward to create and make their dreams
 come true and there is nothing out there to stop them.
Establishment is aching to see what they come up with on the fast track
every one finds themselves on.
New technology is at their finger tips and the planet is not something
 to be seen as a limit but as a beginning, a limitless road leading out into the
What an exciting era to live in!!

Not only is this world for young people but also for the old.
No one needs to sit in a senior citizens home waiting for life to end
when there is a world out there and so many things to do, and one now is free
to experience and explore new venues
so long as there is breath and eyes to see with.

We find the planet speaking to all of us in one way or another.
The sign of the times is seen through the clouds and rain drops and hazards
both terrifying and beautiful to witness .
Mother nature is rearing up on her hind quarters, with nostrils flaring, snorting
words of wisdom out to us, beckoning us, to ride the storm with her.

She is wild, strong and beautiful as ever and fills every spirit with a sense of longing
to smell the air of freedom.
She is a Warrior Princess , a demon in disguise, a fair lady and a goddess of pure love,
there to seduce and love all men, so they succumb and fall on their knees, before her
Men both love and fear the lady, because as suddenly as she punishes,
 she turns a warm cheek and soothes them, heals them,
nurtures them, as a Mother who suckles and plays with her child.

She tells it stories and opens its' eyes to her, to explore.
She shows the sunshine and the moon and the stars to admire and
 reach out to.

Yes, the future my child. .....
It's all out there waiting for you and for me she whispers.

Love, Life, Freedom, Friendship
All married and enter twined and enduring.
There is no divorcing of a life force such as this.
It is a never ending battle, a play of swords,
a blushing flair, a cartoon character in hiding,
a game of peek a boo, I see you and hide n seek.

Life my child, is all around you, feeding, nursing, laughing
crying and wiping away of tears.
Life, as perfect, as a perfect white rose,
Given from a tender heart,
All waiting, just for you.
Having said this Is it just me or What's Up with Brad Pitt and the
Justin Theroux look? Shouldn't it be the other way round?

Will these two never stop this game they are playing?
Will Brad not leave this woman alone and just get it over with
and get married? So immature.

But at this stage of the game the Brangelina team sold out everything,
 so nothing is wrong for them. It's all about what I want and cold hard cash
and show the world something they would like to see.
Shameful, when the rest of the world is being plundered.

Then the Biggie
 Target vs Walmart.
Who is better?
Personally I hear a lot better things from people where Target is concerned.
They may be a bit more expensive but the quality of the merchandise seems better.
Also the way people speak of how they treat their employees seems to be better.
For most things, the prices are quite competitive.

I know our Zellers had a lot of shop lifting problems. They were beside a
Sikh Temple and people would come in change and walk out leaving the old clothes and shoes
inside the store.
They could do nothing about it.
Seems they do the same thing with Target too.
You sell cheaper, people still steal or buy and then resell for higher prices somewhere else,
in their own stores

Today no one and nothing is safe.  As prices rise, we should be happy with stores like Target
and Walmart which keep them down and force other companies to compete.
Sears is by far my most favorite store. Always was  but I never shop there.

They have good quality but if I need a mattress, I'll buy at the |Brick or another outlet store.
I would do the same for the washer and drier and stove. Curtains I couldn't make at home,
 for the Price Jysk sells them for.These stores kill material and craft stores.

Even if you wanted to buy at Sears, you would have to wait  three weeks to get the product
delivered, cause they don't have stock. With the Brick you can go and pick it up at their warehouse
right away if you need to.When it comes to washing clothes, I can't wait three weeks.

So back to the Target Walmart question of which store is better,
I really don't know. Give  Target a chance to figure things out cause Walmart has been
 around for a while but even it has clamped down on certain things.
So we just have to look for the sales and work from there.
As for employee treatment, Target seems to win out here.
and dat's the truf and nothin but the truf.
A Lady's Life


Rick Watson said...

Life IS a gift. I'm constantly amazed by the things around me each day.
Good post.

A Lady's Life said...

Rick sure is.

Sandy Carlson said...

Your words are beautiful. Like Rick said, life is a gift. May we remember to be grateful.

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you Sandy!Gosh you look like you got a real sun burn :)

Russell said...

Very inspirational and true thoughts in your words about life, Mother Nature, etc.

People of all ages should read this! It is so true.

As for Walmart versus Target, you are right. Here in the states the general perception is that Target provides a more expensive and slightly higher quality of merchandise than Walmart. However, Walmart is King and reaches a broader market.

Regarding Sears, I share your thoughts and have a fond spot in my heart for them. I still recall getting the Sears catalogs during the year and cherishing the Sears Christmas catalog when it arrived!

Take care and, again, most impressive words about life.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

"The young are free to venture forward to create and make their dreams come true and there is nothing out there to stop them."

I'm getting ready to turn 49 and this is my life's mantra.

I wasted toooooo many years living in fear and trying "to control" the situation. Only to realize that I was NOT living.

Today, life is my oyster. I'm enjoying every blissful moment. I do not want to get to Heaven only to discover what GOD had in store for me but I failed to open up to the possibilities because of fear.

Love you, the photo and the post!
Have a happy Sunday sweet friend!

A Lady's Life said...

Russell Zellers also had the point system to get stuff and now they are gone and so are the points lol

A Lady's Life said...

Butterfly more needs to be said so kids believe there is a future but today it lies in science and technology.There is so much still to learn see and live for.