Saturday, July 27, 2013

Table Snowflakes

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Like snowflakes, these doilies are growing in numbers
Now I have 10 adding two blue ones to the collection.
They are so easy to make as they don;t need a pattern to follow.
You can just make things up as you go along.

This Saturday is another beautiful day My Son is on vacation
. They will be zip lining mountains sides and they mentioned bungy jumping
which I distinctly told him not to do.
I don't have children like I have doilies.
Although different, they don't come in thousands and they cannot be
so easily replaced.
I sent him many jovial e mails (cause this is the only way to talk with them these days)
joking about how funny cracked heads are.
He laughed and he keeps laughing but something happens the joke will be on him.
They have friends doing things together so they feel empowered.
I reminded him that once something happens, it is the stupid parents ,
who have to sit with the broken body,
cleaning it, dressing it, loving it , paying for it.
The friends will disappear.
It takes years to raise a child. No easy sacrifice but the kids don't get it.
They say we didn't ask you to have us lol

Wait till they have their own. I will love to see what they say then. lol
They will shake over them, as we did over them.
It's called LOVE.
Of course my son told me he won't bungy jump but how will I know if I am not there, and if it all goes well
then of course I will never know but these are needless risks to take.
Zip lining is also dangerous but at least you are not going down head first.
Kids are like snow flakes. Not one alike.
One is a risk taker. He won't bat an eye to try sky diving.
The other is not so daring. He is living a nice quiet cushy life. lol

Well .... I guess it really is in God's hands. He teaches us all, every day.
He shows us the good the bad and the ugly.
We just want to see the good.



Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

I love the doilies .. I can't crochet for love or money! or knit .. or ..

Good for your son giving things a go - I'm sure all will be well, as long as he's sensible and not rash ..

Cheers HIlary

A Lady's Life said...

I finished another blue one. This makes 11.Maybe I'll make an even dozen and finish it.
My son thinks they are coasters lol

I should make some color ful ones for him to

Magia da Inês said...

Muito lindo!
Ótima semana!
Beijinhos de sua amiga brasileira.

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you Magia