Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thou Shalt Not Steal

Stealing is wrong but what about
stealing a glance, stealing moments,
stealing kisses,
stealing a base,
when you get something real cheap, we say it's a steal,
stealing ideas,
Kill stealing, refers to on line games where credits or
 points are given for killing an enemy
Stealing my sunshine is a song
A story rich in irony but poor in appreciation, is fit to steal.

Stealing doesn't have to be a bad thing but in some countries
it is taken literally and theft is theft.

Abbie Hoffman wrote a book in 1970's he had to publish himself cause no one else would.
It was the hippie era when every one was against establishment:

 Steal This Book.

He said the title alone would stop it from being published because it invited itself to be stolen.
It basically was a survival guide in how to get things for free:

free food,clothing, furniture, transport, land,housing, education,medical care, communications,
free play, free money and free dope.

Apparently kids know how to use these methods better than adults.
I have to say I am curious and would love to read this book lol
With internet you get to find things easier.
 In Quebec we had our French /English problem
so getting English books was not that easy.
 In fact if you go to the library today you will only find outdated
old English books. The rest are in French.
 Not very enlightening for English students who have rights to an English education.

What Abbies' book shows is that with a bit of genius thinking, people don't have to pay for anything.
Can you imagine society all using the methods of this kind of freedom?
I can see emails coming saying but we need to support rising  taxes, we need to support increases in housing prices, we need to support food price we don't. We allow ourselves to be sucked in with run away politics that doesn;t work for the people it was elected by.
Like in BC for instance. Who is BC for? Is it for the people or for the foreigners who buy us out and
greedy corporations who say, move on out fella. Money talks and bullshit walks.
People have to wake up.

If you print money, you don't have to steal it and why is it wrong if people don't check the money they receive? If one pays with monopoly money and it is received as real money, how is it ones' fault?
South America has many rich people today, who are respected as money artists. lol

It makes sense and this is why so many people are doing it and world economy, can't handle it.
Also why is it ok for government to print money without the assets to back it up and not people?
It kinda goes both ways. If one can be irresponsible then so can the other.

Gives a new meaning to Thou Shalt Not Steal and why the 10 Commandments don't seem to apply anymore.
Law has nothing to do with religion anymore so it does not need to be adhered to.
But does it?
Why bother with law if it is not for good people?
What does it mean to be a good person in todays world?
What does it mean to steal? Is stealing legally any better than plain stealing?

Glen Ford and Marlon Brando
 played in a movie called Tea House of August Moon.
Brando played a Japanese translator and Ford was sent to a small
fishing village with Brando, to build a school and to teach good values to the people.
Instead Ford was the one being manipulated into giving in to the peoples' traditions ,
means and ways and instead of a school house, swayed to use army money,
 to build a tea house.

It was a funny movie.
The only bad guy was Ford who tried his best to follow orders and to please the people.
It was hard to balance right and wrong, good and bad.
One side believed in marriage, the other in geisha.
The locals stole from the so called invaders. 
As was explained to Ford, every one comes to give
take instead, so we hide everything before the givers come. lol
Well it was a thinking day.
Beautiful outside.
I can be very spoiled with this weather right now.
Toronto had a flash flood and people were waist deep in water.
Did its' damage and went away.




George said...

You raise some very interesting questions here, but I'm not sure I would like society's answers. "If I want it, I should be able to have it."

A Lady's Life said...

Well in order for laws to work George, people have to believe in morals ethics and values, what we learn in the Bible. This kept people on the same page. Today, they interfere with what people call human rights and social justice.
I think people and laws are confused right now.
I would love to see how they treat Tsarnaev for killing and maiming believing in what he does.
His sort of logic also applies to things like Sikhs and helmet laws and carrying of religious knives on their belt.
And if Tsarnaev wins under the separation of church and state laws and human rights and justice laws, then we have to question why we
killed Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Khadaffi if under their laws they are allowed to do what they do in our system, while we are not.
Law has changed. You can steal and not be seen as stealing. You can kill and not be seen as killing,
you can self destruct and not be seen as self destructing.
If the world is a village it seems to have tuned into a schizo kind of
village and this is why people fear having their guns taken away.
Laws do not defend or protect the innocent any more as they did when people were raised believing there were ethics morals and values..

Sandy Carlson said...

The subtleties and nuances of our language are so critical....yet we overlook their significance in our lives.

A Lady's Life said...

Today Sandy the banks and governments and finance companies, oil companies,hydro companies, real estate companies, etc. are breaking all the rules. They make their own rules and people blindly go and sign paper work and they all know people will because they need a home,gas, heating etc.... If people said no and did their own thing, like solar power, wind power etc.. this would stop the financial abuse. They talk about a global village but we can't live in a global village. It doesn't work.
There is no future or financial security in a global village.
So people need to know this and
stop playing with these abusers of life. We have no laws, no justice, no commitment between people,no respect,no jobs, no job security, no religion and we call this human rights? We tell our kids, you have human rights which means absolutely nothing when a guy like Tsarayev can plead not guilty to all the things he did. A simple thing, like "Thou shalt not steal", has no meaning any more. What do you tell a child this means today?
It meant something a while back.
Every one new what it meant.
If rich organizations can make their own rules and get away with it, why can't the little guy?
Shouldn't the law apply the same way?We elect government to check and balance contracts which hurt people. The government knows how business is done and it should stop bad business. Instead, it supports it.

Akelamalu said...

So many people now think the world owes them. They have the attitude "I want it and I want it now" and if you've got it and they haven't they think they have the right to take yours. They don't consider that stealing, just getting what's owed to them. It's just wrong.

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - people feel that way because legitimacy, fair play and justice have been taken out of the picture.If governments promote foreign interests instead of local ones, then it's a question of one step forward and two steps back.But bills still have to be paid.
Working a job becomes not a positive thing but a negative one.
Job security is very important and the only way to do this is to keep things local.
When government also allows for legal theft, it doesn't help matters either.Our courts are full of such cases and judges know and do nothing to resolve the problem. They just follow law knowing it's wrong.