Monday, July 15, 2013

Camels and Little Women

Never believe what you publish.

Never publish what you believe

Night Flier
Stephen king.

Camels are funny animals.
They are so resilient and perfectly suited to desert living

Since cars replaced them, they are only used for racing.
Seems even riders do not ride them any more.

For racing purposes, they are equipped with a radio controlled
whip to encourage them to run faster.

I can just see the day when jockeys will be replaced by such gadgets
for horse racing.
May as well have a robotic horse as well so both rider and horse can be
kept safe.
They showed a documentary where by a solar company got women from
poor countries together in India and taught them how to make printed circuit boards for solar lamps.

These women some of whom are totally illiterate, were later sent back to their own countries to become managers and to teach other
women a trade and were given a title of engineer.

They were told that instead of being supported by the government, they could become
self sufficient, provide their families with a real home instead of tent living, and earn a salary.
Women were chosen because they stay in the same place. Houses and tents now had
solar power as opposed to depending on something which could be cut off at any time.

One womans' husband from a community of 300, in Jordan, did nothing all day and yet had a truck
and refused to have his wife learn a trade. He later gave in.
They said after the wife graduated, he was caught drug running and put in jail for 3 years.

Funny he wasn't hanged for this.

Recently they have been showing interesting documentaries worth watching.

I told my husband geez, we are born in the wrong country. Here it takes a long time to
obtain an engineering degree even knowing how to read and write. lol

But seriously, I feel good for these women to be able to upgrade themselves this way and also
for the company who is taking the time and expense to do this.
Nothing like being self sufficient. I mean, if camels don't need riders any more, women don't
need to stay little either.

Once these ladies got home, they encouraged other women to learn and although a bit shy,
many of them said it's better than sitting doing nothing.
So they decided to try. I am proud of these women who have finally decided to take
their lives into their own hands.
They cook with propane and tents seem to have TV's so they must have some electricity.

I love the idea of solar power and wind power anyway.
In cases of emergency, it's always good to have your own
and also to be able to say no to these utility companies who always find reasons to increase prices,
while decreasing services.
If you look at the gas prices they have like 10 cent differences depending on where you live.
Inland it goes for 1.33 - 1.39  a liter and here in the lower mainland, 1.43 - 1.49 a liter.
It changes every day.

In my Grand Mothers time it was simple and easy. Need oil ? Call the truck. It brings the oil, you pay him
and that's it. If the furnace breaks, the guy bringing the oil knows how to fix the oil burner.Today they bill you and you have no say in the matter and no one listens when you tell them there is something wrong with the bill. Even when they find out the reason, they don't return your money,
or give you credit. They know you have no choice but to keep buying.They even charge you service charges
and never come to your door.
I few years back we had these people come to the door saying they are agents for the oil company and if you signed a 5 yr contract with them your gas would be cheaper.
We kept saying no and they kept telling us we were the only people on the street who refused.
Well the gas went down for every one except the people who signed contracts and we were not the only ones on our street who didn't sign. They were very rude and pushy. The province of BC was in an uproar
but a contract is a contract even if they lied to have you sign it.
Amazing story.
Now this is called a company that's too big and really doesn't care and even if you sue them, it will cost you more than it will cost them.
We had a nice week end enjoying the sun and the BBQ.
My husband invited me to go out but trying to decide what we were in the mood for eating
was tough, until we got to the BBQ area and we both said:
 Ya that sounds great!!!
So back to the BBQ. lol



Lorna said...

I think that the perfect climate to live in would be a place with a constant 75º temperature and balmy breezes. No need for heating or A.C.!

Meanwhile, I am scared that my comment will get lost when I cannot do the word entry below. 8-(


A Lady's Life said...

Lorna I hate to put the word entry but without it so much spam comes in the whole day long and all you do is keep deleting it.
I don't advertise on my blog so why should other people? I don't advertise on other peoples blogs either.

Gattina said...

The times of "Need oil" call the truck are over since a long time. Grandma didn't pay as much as we have to pay today, lol !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina well she paid as she went along and it was a good way to live.
Today they attach a pipe to your house. If there is a leak a whole block of houses have to be evacuated or even risk having explode. and they charge you for this pipe every month whether you use the gas or not.
No wonder gas is more expensive.
You pay for not using gas and more for using it and anyone can put his name on your computer file and you will pay for him as well. You can argue till hell freezes over that its not your bill or sit freezing and no one cares.

Yup you are right Long time since my grand mothers time but it was the best way to do business.