Friday, July 26, 2013

Neighbourhood Watch.

We had some excitement yesterday in our neighborhood.

Two police men came into our yard. One with a huge sniffer attack dog.
My animals went crazy seeing them in the yard, enough to make us all jump.
Good thing they couldn't get out or they would have been either shot or
killed by the police dog and police men.

Apparently a man was running around the neighborhood with a knife attacking people
He escaped custody.
Our whole block was in lock up.All the neighbors were outside.
We had no idea and were sitting with all our doors open, exposed.

My son went out to see too and said so many police with dogs were around.
He told the police, they have to ask before entering a fenced yard.
What if our dogs were loose?
They said they have a right to enter any time.
So this means they can shoot any ones' dog
guarding its' property, at any time as well if they feel threatened.

We had pit bulls being shot in their yards, and they used the excuse that it was a pit bull.
The owners said this was not a reason to kill a dog. Now this almost happened in my yard.
Pretty scary.

My little dog would attack She knows no fear but she is useless as a
She is losing her teeth.
 The big one would attack another dog but with all the commotion, who knows what he would have done.
This would mean two old dogs, could have been shot/killed, for nothing.

Our dogs are old now .We keep them, as does every one around here, for primary defense purposes.
They provide the noise and a chance for escape if a criminal enters your home but will probably end up dead
since we are told, these criminals, if they break in, will not be nice.Even with locked doors criminals break in not caring if you are home. They know why they are there and come prepared.

Druggies do drugs which change brain cells, which is irreversible.
Many of the people they catch are white, because white people have a harder time finding jobs because the new immigrants hire their own people, who speak their own language.
It's a case of racism in reverse.

We had a few cases where old people were attacked and hit over the head, in their own homes who later died.
The attacks are vicious and cruel and for nothing.
We have reached the age where we cannot defend ourselves any more.

I told my son it's pointless to talk. You are never here.
 The dogs are here and they are here to die if need be.

The only trouble is that if they die, it should be for a worth while cause and not because someone entered your yard with a gun and dog, that's a police man, there to protect you.

The police man is scared. The dogs are scared. You are scared. The criminal is scared.

Looking at it from another perspective, the dogs would have raised heck if the criminal came inside the yard
so the police would have known he was here. The dogs were quiet until the police came in.

If the criminal killed the dogs and entered with a weapon , the police would be at a disadvantage
if they had to announce themselves. They can't bargain with a criminal, even if he has hostages.
So basically, you are really on your own, to save your own life.

In this crazy society, if you kill the criminal, they put you in jail.
Criminals have more rights, than good people.

Thank fully it all ended with the criminal caught and no harm done.
I wonder who it was and if they will do a write up in the local paper?



黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Efficient Police !

A Lady's Life said...

yes but

George said...

I'm glad you and your dogs are okay, although it's scary to think about what criminals who break into homes could do. I agree with you that criminals have more rights than law-abiding citizens.

A Lady's Life said...

George with legalizing drugs we can expect the worst to come still

I just don't understand people.
If they don't care then why do we bother with social systems?
There is no money for the people who look after themselves, cause the ones who don't, spend all the money just to go out and do it again.
I am glad my dogs were inside but they sure flipped out So things were quiet till the police caused a disturbance.Then they would have shot the dogs if they tried running at them barking.
I don't think it's right.
Knowing they have someone on the loose, they should have a loud speaker and tell people to go indoors and take their animals too
so they can search, like they did in Boston.

rhymeswithplague said...

You mentioned once that your dog looked just like our Jethro. We lost Jethro on May 31st; he would have been nine years old on June 19th. You were right. Your photo of your doggie made me cry.

A Lady's Life said...

Rhymes they do tug at your heart.
I look at my little girl and can't imagine not having her.
They follow you, kiss you, sleep with you, and they are a witness to everything that goes on around the house.She is the true lady of the house and keeps things in order lol
A little lion dog.
I am so sorry about your Jethro.