Friday, July 20, 2012

Life is Poofy

One of the most irritating things in life, when it comes to growing nice grass,
can also become a signature of beauty.
I used to blow at these fairies, so as to let them fly to mysterious lands.
I'd imagine them meeting people in need of a miracle or a wish to come true.
God knows we all need them in one way or another.
I never thought they might ruin someones grass or that someone might even be mad
at me for blowing them onto his property.
This was nature and it was all beautiful.

My Dad once gave me a dandelion remover and it was my job in summer, to stick it into the ground and remove them with the roots by hand.
I often wondered why he did that and now I think it was probably to keep me busy and out of trouble lol
But I did a lot of work in summer.
I would paint the iron staircase winding up to the second floor, I'd stain our rocking swin.
My Dad made it himself so we loved it
It looked like this one shown in the picture. Those were nice swings to enjoy. I still have the pattern so I may try to make one one day. I am still my Daddy's Girl lol :) xoxoxoxox


Rob-bear said...

The joys of summers past!

A Lady's Life said...

Yes. Rob Life, as everything else, is relative. lol It makes us who we are.

Gattina said...

That's something which grows and grows and grows .../... I didn't know either that by blowing these "fairies" it would start to grow everywhere !

George said...

I'm not sure daughters ever stop being Daddy's Girl.

Mama Zen said...

When I was a child, it never occurred to me that people might not want dandelion seeds all over their yard either!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Guys. They sure are pretty seeding.
George - That's why I feel families all should have a Mommy and a Daddy.
It's the best kind of family.