Tuesday, July 24, 2012

East West North - The Rush is On.


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Kelowna is known for its' wonderful cuisine and the huge Okanagan Lake.
It is going west of the Pacific Ocean. lol
It is an area full of peaches stores camping hotels music boating.
You can rent a house boat and live on the lake and enjoy dreams surrounded by water.
They have childrens camps here, wine tasting tours.

They say Kelowna is for the young at heart but so many old people come and live here.
It has the best weather for old bones although winter brings more snow than what we have in Delta,BC

After our Kamloop and Kelowna visit the weather changed and became cloudy and cooler.
Hope was very windy in between the tall mountains but Merritt was still boiling hot. 
Today, the 22nd of July, we didn't have to use the fans. 
It was pleasant outside and sunny but not scorching. 
Looks like summer is only two weeks and the two weeks changed the time table which is usually
the last two weeks of July and August.

We only had a bit of rain in the Vancouver area but Kelowna and Kamloops apparently had a bad windstorm
which took out their electricity. We always think the Interior is safer as the coast is always
at risk of having a tsunami, since we have a major fault line on the ocean side of Vancouver Island.
 You can always tell something is going on by the beautiful rocks you find along the shore line, spat up by the ocean waves.
OK. It would have to flood all of Vancouver Island before it comes here but the Straight of Georgia is very deep and if I am not mistaken the fault line rises towards the coast of the outside Pacific side of the island so we could have a major disaster zone here if nature decides to kick butt. 
But what a thrill if one could scuba dive down and explore before all this happens.

Our newest bridge The Fraser, can take about a .7 magnitude earthquake, maybe a bit more.
We are overdue for the BIG ONE here. 
Maybe Japan took the brunt of it.We had a few rumblings but hardly noticed. 
Japan, didn't have much luck these last few years.
In any event Princeton had an earthquake a few years back which was un nerving and it's way in the interior.
We have nothing to say when it comes to nature out here and this is why people are upset about the pipeline they want to build in a very delicate nature area here in BC. We just don't know what
is going to happen in the near future.

 If the seismometer operators don't advise, way in advance ,
one is coming, then a pipe line can't be closed or emptied on time and we just can't take the risk
every one will do the right thing if and when the time comes.But then, in a worst scenario, would it make a difference?
 I guess every one has their own problems with weather problems where they live and no matter how much you prepare, you are never really ready.
Here, I try to keep my car with basics. Water , tent, blankets etc... but its difficult to cross borders
with food because the US is so particular. Every one who lives along the coast should have their cars ready to move in cases of emergency but it will never happen.
The traffic alone would stop many from leaving.

We can still go further west from Vancouver  to the Island and east far enough but not far enough to
escape, even past the Chilliwack mountains. The only other option is North...North to Alaska and another rush will be on, except not for Gold. lol

According to a chemist, why is the world so diverse?
Because it's made up of alkynes of people


Good Luck Huntin.


Diana said...

That sounds like a really nice place with lots to do! Also the idea of cooler weather in the mountains sounds very inviting!
When you mentioned what you take along in your car, it brought back a good memory of my mom. She always had snacks in her car, everywhere she went which wasn't very far,LOL!!!
Thanks for the little tour. It's fun since I don't get around much!
I'm sorry I had to put the word verification on my blog but I got 34 spams in two days. It left me no choice. At least for now. The words are there and they are hard to see. I always refresh it if I can't read it. Love Di ♥

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Diana I tried it again and saw no words and again the sound is not coming through clearly.
I get a few spam but I just put them in spam and in delete forever and it clears them out.People come in with comments and when you open their blog, you find out it's advertising instead of a blog so it cant really be controlled through spam control I find.It gets through anyway.Some how they can hear the words.lol

Akelamalu said...

Word verification is so annoying.

Thanks for the tour. :)

A Lady's Life said...

Welcome Akelamalu